Epson TM-T88V receipt printer with Corner Store POS

The epson TM t 80 85. This is Epsons newest TMT 88 the TMT 88 series has been the industry's top receipt printer for the last decade or more new on this one is a 4-year warranty instead of the old three year warranty it's got a metal portal cover you can see which lasts millions of times and drop in paper loading here's the receipt roll just drop it in shut it it's ready to print and also new on the TMT d 85 is the dual interfaces on every model comes standard USB and the interface of your choice this one's got a serial interface also you get up a parallel duo USB and Ethernet.

If you ever want to switch you don't have to get a new interface card maybe does the you'll plug it into USB this printer also friends 300 millimeters per second which is extremely fast it'll print graphics and text at the same speed.

If you wanna put a logo on your receipt won't waste time now I'm going to print a receipt on our corner stores north POS made by international point-of-sale the few quick keys here's a non-taxable item here's a taxable item and some other quickies I could delete an item I could void the whole invoice I'm returning an item some other transactions now I'm going to pay is going to be a cash sale can you want the printer receipt of course I do say yes let me do one more.

You can see how that comes out how fast the TNT da prynce put a bunch of things on here.

You can see it prints multiple lines at once extremely fast there's ear of TNT 88 printing with corner store POS software.

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