Escort 8500 x50 Unboxing + Visor Mount & Hardwired (Radar Detector)

What's up guys? I just picked up one of these passport 8500 X 50 radar detectors I've had one in the past I've had actually the same model but the gray one it's about probably about six years old now that one just died on me recently.

I picked up another one of these on Black Friday it was on sale for about 70 bucks off.

I'm gonna unbox it here on my channel and let you guys see what it looks like.

Always keep a pocket knife or some type of blade in your car comes in handy there and I got this from Best Buy if you were wondering.

Escort 8500 x50 Unboxing + Visor Mount & Hardwired (Radar Detector)

I usually hate shopping at Best Buy but you know it to be a good deal and.

It comes with this travel case it's made out of like a thick fabric here is the X 50 and we have the suction cup mount. This is the red model it's a little bit cheaper than the blue one.

I just got that you know they're basically the same thing just different colors you have your manuals here and your plug right after right here and. This is the smart cord.

You go ahead and just plug it in right here on your cigarette lighter and you get notifications right on the plug itself and you can mute the system I'll go ahead and plug this in and show you guys what it looks like it's a fairly light the old models were actually a bit heavier but seems. Okay.

Same old good radar detector these X 50s are just it's a one of the it says it's the world's best but it's realistically it is it's one of the most most awarded radar detectors and it's a good value for the money I couldn't afford the Valentine one.

I just picked up this one instead I'll show you guys what it looks like with the visor mouth because that's what I usually use it with this little clip here and I mount it to my visor I'll I'll show you how I have that hardwired so. This is a little visor clip and I'll go ahead and turn it off unplug it take this off my tripod so. This is what I currently mounted to right here the top of my visor and I have it hardwired in here ready right there hold on one second.

Here I have the radar it's mounted on to the visor sunroof right there and right there is the radar focus anyways.

That's the mirror vanity mirror and I had the radar mounted right on to there with that clip and it's hardwired in not really but sort of I just took the wire extended it and ran it through the sides here of the door and it's hidden behind everything and it just it plugs in and a plug down there.

Anyways that is the escort 8500 read pretty cool radar detector again it's really reliable and just works very well for the price I put I'll put a link in the description if you guys want to pick one up thanks for watching guys and stay subscribed.

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