Etronic ® Real Wax 3D Dancing Flame Candle

Hi everyone we're here now to have a look at this a candle which is there it's by a company called etonic and it's am a false candle that seems the stream to do the sea I don't mean that disrespectfully it looks a beautiful candle looking forward to seeing it on for it it's a candle it doesn't have a real flame so for anybody who lives in the likes of rented accommodation with a not supposed to have candles and now this is an absolute ideal item it's only eight ninety-nine now 899 is a fair bit to spend on a candle but to be quite honest with you it looks a real chunky candle and I'm expecting big things from this let's go and have a look with pam pam ok so there we go there's the informations of 3d dancing candle from he tronic so what we got in the box then oh that took some get more than that took easel and they're just okay these are love you handle your instructions she feels like a real cat it is made of wax I believe is the switch on it somewhere yes we have the Vatican apartment oh yes got you a dog over batteries are included but you can try switching it on it doesn't feel okay no problem and while next step is to have a look for some batteries yeah can see all right Stan yes doesn't it look beautiful genuinely feels like a thing you can it looks like a real cowboy I'm going to reach my hand down in front of the tunnel camera there oh it doesn't feel the ribs are the ones isn't it gorgeous it actually is wax isn't it that said anywhere I feel well it says that it's me it from your real wax to be honest our raise its hollowed out so and Anna chips or it looks as if it's sort of burnt down so that's that's gorgeous that give us a moment and we'll find some batteries for that okay oh that's me look fat doesn't that look gorgeous it's a beautiful factoring relatively effective the way that they have same things flippin just like a propaganda does doesn't it yeah it's just like yeah it's difficult to capture the light of that because would you let me to bring it forward for you in a bit let's try it oh that's better Thank You Pam and that beautiful beautiful beautiful effect you did that was a real candle it looks so good and from the side actually I'm better from this say because the later without saying so thank you thank you very much wow what do you think of that folks isn't that beautiful that is worth every penny so it lights the wax up as if it's a real fleeing sort of shining light through the works doesn't it look gorgeous i love that having it's absolutely beautiful what do you think I love this I think it's beautiful you can you know with us not being able to have candles you know you know this is idea it's looking for people pets as well it is yeah that so therefore the conga food that's a brilliant idea common of a foodie now here's annoying when we had to use candles dusty awww kotti yeah because he was terrible for it you picked the wick up with his teeth exactly so this is idea final it is isn't it absolutely brilliant what do you mean powerful see it on the hoff checked it yes I'll tell you to do lovely there we go does not look gorgeous absolutely lovely effect on that brilliant well thank you very much Pat appreciate your help
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