Eureka "The Boss" SmartVac 4870 - Tune Up

Bird go hello and welcome to another episode of man club today we're going to do some maintenance on one of my wife's favorite machines the vacuum cleaner now I know this isn't as sexy as doing some work on the Accord but it's raining outside and mixing it up today and this needs to get done and figured why not shoot a video for it.

We're we doing a belt change some motor filters and HEPA filter just overall cleaning maintenance.

Uh Fiona vacuum cleaner I'm sure most of you do maybe you'll find some of this stuff useful without further ado let's get going. Okay, tool list for today is extremely light one Phillips head screwdriver number two tips what I used a cutting instrument such as scissors or a razor blade compressed air or if you have a compressor that's even better because the more you power you got the better cleaner it will get a motor filter a HEPA filter a new belt you can buy kid at ease with some extra bags off of Amazon through the partner or up on the on screen there for you and that's it for today.

Here it is the eureka 4870 is the model sure if you have a eureka or one of these it's all going to be the same more or less.


Uh we'll pop it off and take a look at it and see if you can use this at home but um basically all we're going to do is we're going to change the HEPA filter change the motor filter and just get an overall cleaning and then we're going to change the belt.

To get the HEPA filter out this release you just pop that cover off here and yeah this one's probably been on there for a little longer than it should be.

I think after a while this this gets plugged up and it's taken away from the performance of back and as you can see there's little dust and stuff in there I recently changed the bag but I will go ahead and pull it out it's all dusty and dirty.

Um and then here's the cover for the motor filter right there.

We're just going to take all this crap off and I'm gonna take it outside and blow it out with the compressor if you don't have a progressor at home you can always use a you know compressed air or something like that but it does get dust to you I mean that's its job.

Just try to get it clean and get it back together I think before we take it outside to blow it off we're going to go ahead and pull the roller out to and I get everything other way.

The first thing is to do is to put it on this bare floor setting and then we'll flip it over and pull some screws out. Okay, I got it flipped over here and basically we're just going to take these three screws out there the three silver screws that are on the bottom I'll pull this plate out you can see that our rollers got some of my wife's hair and stuff in it.

We'll clean that out too I'll get it out screws are out now.

This just pops off and it's got a couple tabs.

When you put it back in you can line that back up let them pull that off get that out of the way I think this should just pull off from this side pull out and then we just slip the old belt off and yeah it's pretty nasty pull the old belt out alright we're going to take it outside blow it out. All right, we've got our trusty air compressor all you know full if you don't just grab some compressed air or whatever you might want to cover up your nose or whatever like that if you especially if you live in the state of California because apparently the dust in California is very you know cancer-causing and all that.

You live in California special warning to you the rest you know the other four United States might be alright but uh just don't blow it out. Okay, I think we got most the dust out if you really want to get involved you could probably start pulling those tubes apart but I just shot some air through it I think they look pretty clear the other thing I was going to do here is on this extension thing somehow to the test of time we've gotten a little crack here.

When you put stuff on there's probably a little bit of leak.

We're just going to do a little a man club song and take care of that hacksaw should do the job we'll just slowly get something started here and then burn through it there it is we'll just get some sandpaper and paint up that rough edge and be good as new look at that I'm adding years of use on there.

It looks like it's been really been used a lot which it has a thing I bought this thing in 2006. Okay, it's over time we get stuff trapped in here it's my wife's hair apparently and that's just going to make this thing get out of balance.

Basically we need get it out there you can use scissors or whatever I have a little razor blade here just don't cut yourself don't hurt yourself and get rid of all this extra hair and everything clean clean this thing up as best you can and we'll put it all back together put on this hunk on there and it's looking pretty good that these users a lot we have mostly hard floors but a couple carpets heat if you use these a lot and you start get wear down these aren't that much just go ahead and get your new one but uh I think we're good to go but this guy will just clean them up and put them back in alright everything's cleaned up now back inside and we're just going to take our new belt which looks a lot nicer than the old one and hook it around the motor shaft a little bit tricky the tightness but not bad and then put the belt over this guy it just sits right there pop that side in it's really it's just like a big nut and.

It just kind of pops right in there you can give it a little turn to see lettuce all everything lined up again and then we grab our little guy here like I said before school but there's there's a couple of tabs here and they line up down here on the bottom just rock that guy up and then put our screws back in exciting stuff reusing a and screwdriver we don't want to use power tools on this you know it's it's tempting. This is just great into plastic and we if we over tart pork it we will it will be stripped forever.

That's that on that side that's look more cleaner than before down here I'll start putting this side back together. Okay.

We're going to work our way from the bottom up putting everything back together because our old filter I got a new one yeah this guy was ready to get replaced.

Basically I just kind of fits in there like.

And there's this little edge piece here fits in and just just like that that's sealed up next is the filter for the motor looks like this it's got to fit over these guys here.

You just kind of pull on it a little bit I'll reveal where this little slots are.

You just stick that guy like.

And then don't forget to put in your little trap to hold it in place after that I'm going to reap install the bag that I had before is really to do which inspired me to do this whole thing anyway, when I took this apart change that then that is what they call that.

We made a little bit of a mess in here while we're doing this but the beauty of it is that's what this guy does cleans it up.

We'll just vacuum this stuff up and and we're done in time to watch NFL football this fine rainy Sunday. Okay.

The ultimate test is uh plugging it in to clean up this concludes another episode of man club it was a rainy day chore that I had to do I decided what the hell bust out the camera and do something different for a change.

We basically tuned up the vacuum cleaner and I'm not just saying this because I did it probably more because I hadn't done it and.

It does feel like it such as a lot better and when we got clean filters all the way around a fairly fresh bag it just changed that new belt and the brushes are clean.

Everything's you know as good as it's going to get.

I think it's really seems to be performing a lot better than it was before.

I know I made my wife happy today and happy wife is a happy life with that bit of advice I bid you adieu until next time keep them hanging you.

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