Evening Skincare Routine (ft Clarisonic & PMD)

Hi guys and welcome to my evening skincare routine if you haven't already seen my morning skincare routine I will link that down in the description box first things first I'm going to use a cleansing oil to remove all of my makeup you're going to want to work your sin with dry hands onto a dry face make sure you massage this end well to help really melt everything away I enjoy using cleansing oils to help to remove even the most stubborn ascaris and eyeliners without irritating my eyes once you start rinsing the oil away you will notice that the water turns it milky then on to the main cleansing pot I'm going to use this ljh tea tree cleansing burn I'm going to lather it up and massage it in with my hands before I move on to the clarisonic run the clarisonic under the hot tub a little bit then shake off excess water then I'm also going to add the tiniest amount of clubs to it I don't actually follow the timer on this I just go wherever I feel my skin needs the most cleaning which is usually the cheek area as you can see my skin isn't really moving around when I'm using the clarisonic that's because I like to be gentle with it and I just let it glide over my skin rather than really rubbing it into skin as that can be quite damaging be soft with it you don't have to be rough and scrub your face soft just let the vibrations do their job I only use the clarisonic on days on wearing makeup to help really clean up pause once you finish make sure you rinse the brush heads thoroughly then remove it from a handle to let it dry properly then just rinse rinse rinse away don't you just love washing your face at the end of the day I don't know about you but I hate having makeup on for too long.

Usually once i get home i am with my makeup straight away just a quick flashback I just wanted to show you how i use my PMD device the PMD is my exfoliation method of choice I only do this once a week as it is an abrasive method this little guy is a great investment and it has worked wonders on my acne scars in case you're wondering i'm using the blue tip i fear that the other tips may be too harsh for my skin I understand that the style that the device makes can be quite frightening but don't worry it isn't at all painful when you finish just rinse your face with cold water and proceed with the rest of your skincare routine just the warning this may leave red streaks across your face for the next day or two.

It's best to use this when you have a few days off in a row oh the skin care treatments I use are a no strip and claim us together once a week and I also use a hydrogel sheet mask for when my skin is feeling really dehydrated back to the present my turn of choice is feed Benton snow be high content skin I'm just going to use this on a cotton pad to help remove any leftover impurities once again for Sarah I'm going to be using the Bentham snell be high content SMS as usual first I'm going to spread this all over my face before gently patting it in then taking a small pea-sized amount of the pure best collect my C's I clean I'm going to gently put this in around the delicate eye area you for moisturizer I'm just going to use suspension snow be high content lotion can you tell i like Benton's in lb products they're great for healing and soothing distress skin while providing a sufficient moisture I find that healing products are best used at night as the skin does its most regeneration while you're asleep then with a toner.

Cotton pad from earlier just wipe down your neck before applying moisturizer and moisturizer I'm going to use this fellow neck tight cream to finish things off I'm just going to use a facial mist all over the place add an extra boost of hydration fazli I love using facial mist throughout the day whenever I feel like my skin's feeling a little bit dry or I just need a little bit of waking up and not forgetting the lips I'm just going to use this palmer's cocoa butter lip balm and that is it for my evening routine I hope you enjoyed these skin care routine videos and thank you very much for watching I.

Evening Skincare Routine (ft Clarisonic & PMD)

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