Ever wondered where cashew nuts come from?❤️️

It is said that there are four nuts which should be taken on a daily basis for health and one of those nuts is the cashew Phuket Ireland and other regions in the south of Thailand have built their economy on cashew nut production and what a specialized production it is after the cashew nuts have been roasted to bring out the flavour each nut is cracked by hand using this incredible hand operated cashew nut press each cashew nut is then picked out using a sharp pointed utensil and then placed into container for further processing the cashew nuts are then delicately peeled taking care not to break off the nib from the thicker end after seeing how long it takes to produce a kilo of cashew nuts it makes me appreciate the cost well worth it one of the fantastic things to do when you come to Phuket town is to come here to meaty cashew nut factory now behind me has so many products made with fresh local cashew nuts and they're really wonderful lightly roasted and these ones here are really cool haven't seen them before these ones are still in their skin they're quite bitter really good for indigestion and this one here is a concentrated juice made from the cashew nut apple it's quite sour they mix it with sugar but it's really really good for blood circulation and it's excellent so delicious this is actually my first chance ever of trying a fresh cashew nut Apple and I should point out that when these grow they have to choose whether they're going to utilize the cashew nut or the Apple because by the time the cashew nut ripens the Apple is unusable these ones here have been chosen specifically for the Apple take off the cashew nut from the top and then take a nice little slice off here it is incredibly juicy now a lot of fruits in Thailand are eaten with pricked glue-up which is fresh chilli or dried chilli mixed with sugar and salt add a little bit of extra flavor YUM that is so different unique nothing like it up ever tribe come down here grab some cashew nuts when in Phuket
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