FAKE TANNING ROUTINE | St Moriz Tanning Mousse

Hey guys! Danna and welcome back to my channel before I even start this video I just want to apologize for the background I have to sit a little bit this way because of the Sun um it's not a good room to film in anyways today's video is gonna be all about my self tanning routine basically I'm going to show you the products I use I'm going to tell you how I use them I'm gonna tell you how to prepare for self tanning I'm gonna tell you how to remove it and stuff like that.

If you guys are interested in how I make myself not.

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I think I want to start from that preparation for tanning before you apply any fake tanning products you have to make sure skin is moisturized and exfoliated and smooth you can just use a loofah and just scrub like really good really hard like don't hurt yourself but um just make sure that all of the dead gross skin is gone and especially pay attention to your knees and elbows because these areas tend to be the most dry.

FAKE TANNING ROUTINE | St Moriz Tanning Mousse

I'll make sure to especially exfoliate those parts of your body and don't forget about your face your face should also be exfoliated and like smooth.

I'm sure guy definitely shave your beard um or it's gonna look really patchy there have been times where I haven't exfoliated as well or like I don't know various reasons and I've noticed that my tan definitely comes off way quicker because when you don't exfoliate you put it on top of that skin and that skin's gonna come off anyway.

It's not gonna last for a song and it might end up looking patchy.

Before fake tanning what you want to do is take a shower really exfoliate everything shady you have to and don't forget about your face then when your skin is exfoliated and really smooth you want to moisturize it cuz exfoliating can be a little bit drying and self-tanning is definitely very drying for your skin.

You want to make sure you moisturize your body very well and also dad I wouldn't recommend using self-tanner right after you have moisturize because it will mix in with a moisturizer and it's going to sink in your pores like especially your face and just.

Do that.

What I would recommend what I usually do is i exfoliate and I take a shower and right after that I'm gonna moisturize and then I'm gonna wait for about an hour.

That the moisturizer has really synched into my skin and then I can start applying fake tan and I'm going to show you the products that I use this look a little bit dirty because self-tanning is a little bit messy honestly.

Excuse the dirty bottles but I use the sample or eat some fake tan and I use it in the mousse floor because I think this way you get the most product in a bottle because I don't know like science it's like liquid inside and then it comes out as a mousse and I have this in the shade medium and in the shade dark the only reason I have it in the shade medium is that I couldn't find the dark version from anywhere.

I bought the medium one I really prefer the dark one because this doesn't get me as sark as I want to be if you have a naturally darker skin and you don't want to go too dark then maybe you can try this one but I honestly really recommend the dark version now I wouldn't really recommend and find this with your bare hands because it will probably really stain them and it's like you have to wash your hands afterwards and you're gonna get like blotchy hands from water you want to avoid any contact with water until these are developing.

What I would use is this Tana mate and. This is also by Sam Morris. This is a great enemy I feel like some tanning meats leave a residue of like fuzz on your skin and that's really annoying if you wanna have like a smooth um tan but this doesn't.

I really recommend you guys like find this mitt. This is the st. moritz mitt and it's cheap um it kind of breaks but it's replaceable I also tried to apply this with a rubber glove when I first body and the product and glide on adults.

I feel like using Academy is crucial when you wanna play faked out and this issues that the palm of your hands will stay free of any product because you don't want to get anything on here because it's kind of orange in here.

How I apply. This is I skirt a little bit like a few pumps on to the mitt and that's when I start to apply it and I just really want to smooth it all you don't want to rub it in just want to smooth it and basically just want to cover everything you don't want to have any white spots and if it looks a little bit streaky um you don't have to worry because when you wash it off it's probably not gonna be streak any more when I have done my whole body I'm gonna apply a second coat to some of the body parts that are more visible like my chest area I'm gonna do two coats here my arms and that's it usually and sometimes in summer I do also my legs know what my legs to be darker you don't have to apply two coats but it just gives me a darker tan.

If I want to look especially dark I'm gonna do two coats and for my face I usually use only a little bit of product it can give you blackheads.

If you have a problematic skin then you can just keep your face and just use foundation that matches your Pantheon but I personally like to use it on my face because otherwise my net will be really dark and my face would be like white and that doesn't look good.

I also apply this to my face but you don't have to especially if you have that kids for me Sam Ward's tan usually lasts for about a week.

I start scrubbing it off after like five days and I take showers daily obviously.

The fifth and sixth day when I take a shower I really try to scrub it off with a loofah again I just use a body wash and a loofah and a scrubbing and it comes off but if I want my tan to last longer because this will fade every single day it gets a little bit lighter.

If you want you tan to last for longer you should use a gradual self tanner and what I use is the Dove summer glow nourishing lotion and like I said. This is a gradual self tanner.

It's not gonna make you really dark it just lets even upper tan a little bit but this doesn't make you a really tan overnight like this product all the only reason I use. This is to keep my santouri tan on for longer and. This is also a really great moisturizer and you have to moisturize your skin if you self tan because it will get really dry I moisturize like twice a day when I'm wearing fake tankers um the more you moisturize the longer the tan will last if you don't moisturize at all it's probably gonna look patchy and come off even sooner but if you also want you tend to be a little bit darker and last for longer you can use a gradual self tanner and this videos and I don't know if this even has like different shades I don't think.

And this also can kind of call your pores I'd like also have tanners do that.

If you don't want like anything to really irritate your face and if you have a sensitive um acne prone skin don't use it on your face but if you don't if you don't have any skin problems then you can do that.

These are all the products I use for tanning and. This is all I do but I have a few questions from a viewer who really wanted me to make this video.

I'm gonna answer through those.

First you wanted to know when I apply fake tan I usually tan at night like if you are worried for I go to bed I only do that cuz it's more convenient for me because I just sleep while the tan is developing and I don't have to wait for it to develop because you can't have any contact with water which means even if you drink you have to be really careful not to ruin the area around your mouth you brush your teeth you can't get it all over your mouth that's why I do it before I go to bed but I feel like if I sink with it all the kind of rubs into my sheets.

I don't look as sad as if I would if I were to apply it in the morning.

If you have a day off I would recommend doing it in the morning and then you have to wait for about like eight hours and then you can wash it out but I'm honestly the longer you leave it on the darker tan windy belt.

You want to look really dark you can leave it on for like 12 hours doesn't stain clothes if you are white clothes then maybe a little bit but not too much and it always comes off when you wash it.

I don't really see it as a problem and then try to know how long does the town last I'm like I said for me that's about a week but on the fifth day that's usually like fifth or sixth day when I start taking it off but it really depends like um I work out twice a week and I feel like working out really really takes off the tan because when you work out you're obviously sweating and that's why causes stick tend to come off faster and also it really depends from how often you shower every single time you shower your tan would kind of fade I can go for longer than a week without taking it off but it would just fade and it doesn't look like nice and dark anymore I don't know what else to talk about if you have any questions you can leave that down in comments below and I will reply but yeah I think. This is it for the video I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you did then please give a thumbs up and subscribe to Heather already and if you have any video requests you can always say I'm Dani comments flow also in confinement snapchat Instagram Twitter or tumblr oh my social media links to began below and I am down hope everywhere just the way you spell here thank you very much for watching oh and if you're a per and the only reason you clicked on this video is to see me apply this in my bikini I'm not going to show you that you.

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