Fall Beauty Trends with NYX Cosmetics

Hey guys! it's Kirsten from care summary and I'm here to do another um unboxing of new products I just received from NYX Cosmetics for the fall beauty trends coming up this season I'm really excited.

Let's have a book here's the cute little package.

You sent me let's open this guy up see oh it's.

Cute i love it little like waist side there with all the products inside let's pull that out oh look I like a little I like this bag that's you. Okay.

Fall Beauty Trends with NYX Cosmetics

Inside the bag open it up we'll just take everything out we've got um a bunch of different products here actually bunch of different products it's kind of cool.

Let's start first with the Knicks auto eyebrow pencil it's pretty cool it's got like this little brush there on that and little pen tip that's adjustable it's pretty neither um I actually tried this out from Ulta the other day and I got one that because. This is a graphite color it's like I great um not that really much for me but I might try to prisoners I actually got the brown color which works really well for me and i love the brush the bristles are amazing they're really soft and it's a great pencil I actually used it today you can see my eyebrows really look at me. Okay, next we have the mix of wonder pencil in dark that guy focus up come on in um it's like a nude color took there and it's for you could use it as like a lip liner you could like you know a reverse lip liner to conceal like the edges of your lips um there's.

Many different things you can use this for it's actually it's pretty awesome on the product itself it says it can be a concealer I brightener and a reverse lip liner and one definitely going to try that guy out next we have the love in Florence compact pretty it is in prima donna the color you can see right there in the back there let's open the skype oh well I kind of cute it's got like a little bow right there on the side that's adorable yeah but that's actually where you open the product if I could stop filling.

Upon opening the product it's really pretty it's got some matte shadows and.

Sparkly shadows you can see that very pretty I really like this cream-colored one and this purple one and i love these are.

Pretty that champagne one at the bottom with a little sparkle nice and it comes with a little little brush that most I compact things come with um let's um i'll show you like a little but they look like on me there's the purple the green that's pretty I love this shimmery you can't really see it there but really pretty shimmery color then we have the more plum colored took the brown they're very pretty and then the final one the very bottom color which is like a that's pretty nice. Okay, next we have a NYX matte lipstick better ounce you can actually read that matte lipstick in Merlot there's the culinary that didn't focus but so. This is a really pretty color very pretty really great for fall let's see what that looks like I'm all makeup makeup top over here but we'll do it right here look at that that's.


Pretty very nice color very satiny fuel and then finally we have the super fat I'm record really cute I'm big major on cat eyes as you can see melting my glasses I love them.

This should come in handy and I love that it's in black let's open this guy up no it's like a felt tip which I have one from stealin that's a felt tip I really like that it's um you could do the fat of the skinny um do you like a little do a line right here in line there's your thin line and then we can do a fat line there's your the line differences right there that's going to come in really helpful. Okay, that'll be fun to play with um it doesn't say if its water resistant on here or not I generally tend to light water resistant products but um I'm excited to try this out um could definitely create some great fall looks with this with these products um dr. look you can find all of these products on the next website which I link to below and you can also find them at your local beauty stores like Sephora and ulta and stuff like that.

I will definitely creating some great fall looks with these products.

Stay tuned for those videos thanks for watching remember to subscribe and if you have any questions let me know thanks bye.

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