Fall Treats: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hey guys welcome to your third and final episode of fall treats last week you made pumpkin puree and with that puree we made a delicious pumpkin pie smoothie the recipe and the link is down below if you want to check that out this week we're going to make roasted pumpkin seeds so all you're going to need are the seats of pumpkin you're gonna need salt olive oil a baking sheet pre-heat your oven to 300 degrees and let it started you're going to start by taking off the stem if there is one and then just cut your pumpkin in half and then you're going to literally take your hand or you could take a spoon and start digging out the pumpkin seeds you can place them in a separate bowl and then you can either bake the pumpkin or do something else fun with it but all you're going to need is the Z's for this recipe you're going to take out the big chunks that you notice in your seat so if as you see right now I'm taking out any kind of big pumpkin skin chunks and then you're going to dunk it in water and let it sit there for about five minutes and magically all the chunks are going to kind of float to the bottom of the bowl and then you're just gonna scoop out all the seeds that are floating you might still have little skin chunks that's fine no big deal i'll add some flavor you're going to want to drive to see so take out a paper towel lay out all the seeds and really just try to dry them it's gonna cook better that way in the oven hold up a paper towel kind of work them around and then we're going to take your seats and we're going to place them on your parchment paper and it's going to stick the paper towel but you're gonna do your best to take it off and add about a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of olive oils you don't want to do too much but you don't want to you too little just want to give it some nice flavor and some coding add some salt you can get creative and any anything else you'd like cinnamon and sugar or you can add cayenne pepper for a little bit of spice you're gonna place it in your oven I face about 35 to 40 minutes but checking it and you can mix it halfway through you want it to get slightly brown and I really truly believe that the longer they sit after their cooks so they sit out of the oven the yummier crispier and better they taste so these guys are going to taste even better the day after you make them sometimes I feel like they taste like popcorn and there you go thanks for joining me for our three-part fall tree series and I will see you very soon for your workout
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