Farberware 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker chicken soup

Okay am i recording the wall.

Today we're going to check in noodle soup we have some boneless skinless chicken breast some vegetables cabbage bell pepper celery onions potatoes carrots green peppers onions some chicken broth some spices and some noodles.

First I'm going to put the chicken inside the pot dump it in there and then I'm put the vegetables inside the pot.

I put the vegetables in there and it really fits this up.

Farberware 7 in   1 Pressure Cooker chicken soup

We're going to put chicken broth and seasoning and our potatoes those are wheat noodles lovely. All right, there this works I have no idea. This is for bad enough that we might be eating pizza. Okay.

You're going to go to start soup is soup is number two but I'm going to do it as chicken because I brought chicken in there I cooked chicken that I would do just sleep but I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to hit start menu chicken is number six it stops this tower hit start one two three four five six tick time twenty minutes. Okay, let's get up in the twenty minutes we might do it longer rip this should do twenty minutes of cook time meaning start and we will see what happens don't forget that your nominees are turned all over here. Okay.

Happens. Okay.

We'll let me open it up I guess that's just safety precautions thunder that'll wait.

Steam comes out and then open it see what happens. Okay, let's see how this came out I am going off open it up. Okay, fine let me open it.

It will be careful all stinging that's what the inside look like let's see what happens they needle they're not all the way tips yet.

The chicken strips maybe if I would have mixed it before I turn it on that would help but the chickens down the veggies are done see all that's done.

For the noodles.

What I'm going to do is go ahead and put it on there another ten minutes at least and then push all the noodles in does it happen. Okay.

I'm just doing the noodle part and chickens click I'm going to do number two let it start one two one two one one three five minutes.

I'm going to bring that down. This is ten minutes and it starts sure. Okay.

Did ten minutes and I have to see it again it was a lot less than last time here's the bends down seems off and you open it I know you can.

There you go homemade chicken noodle soup. Okay.

Next I'm gonna make this I'm definitely put the chicken first then the noodles then the vegetables and then for the chicken broth on top.

Again chicken noodle stem vegetables.

That way you don't have to cook in an extra ten minutes but I like siliceous alright bye.

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