#Farm2Fan – Earlimart’s Tree-Split Pistachios

The real rock stars the real celebrities in California are not in Hollywood they're the farmers that are growing all these incredible products for us earlimart is about an hour south of fresno half hour north of Bakersfield and two hours east of the beach in the Central Valley here at sinaga 20 farms we grow pistachios I have about 100 acres California it's just cool because I'm two hours to beat two hours from the mountains we love what we do here and we love what you do never work a day in your life pistachios that I grow here make it over to China they go over to Europe France and Germany and it feels really awesome to know that my crop is feeding the world my family's been growing for stat shows since 1980 I am very proud to be the third generation of Miss family farm now that you know I have the opportunity to do what my dad did a my grandpa did it's exciting to know that my girls may have the opportunity to be cool girl farmers to and carry on the family tradition my name is Albert Hernandez from Visalia California I love working with California pistachios I'm super excited today because not only am I gonna get to see where we get incredible California ground pistachios but I get to meet the people who bring this product to the world how's it going good how are you fine I'm Alison Albert nice to meet you over well welcome to my orchard one of the things that make California pistachios so unique is their bright green color and they're buttery unique flavor it grows and grows and grows until it's time for harvest and then in September when it's harvest time that colonel gets so big and fat that it first the shell open right on the tree so they're naturally split on the tree this time of year is when we call nut fill so when you crack this open you can actually see they're all mustachio growing in there how many what you think it's amazing it really is yeah California farmers are rock stars your absolute rock star this is amazing this isn't animal now I want to do something really cool for you and I want to prepare you a dish with your pistachios Oh awesome like that way today I'm gonna be making for you a pistachio the skeptic so the reason why I'm grading them really finally here to get this dust is we're gonna put this on top of our bruschetta the girls like parmesan awesome okay go to mix that around for me and you could go ahead and start rubbing those pieces of bread right there that looks beautiful let's go ahead and get him out of the oven now smells incredible your mom grows the best pistachios I'm gonna tell you that right now All Right girls go ahead dig in thank you so much Allison this has been an incredible day I'm very lucky to live in central California farmers to me are true rock stars they're the bread and butter of Central California and the rest of the world and we have to appreciate them more and understand that farmers are the backbones of our country California is the place to be I feel very lucky to be a California I feel very proud to be a California especially to be a California farmer
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