Fat Old Man 30 Minute Workout Week 04

Ready for another week of a battle person workout 30 minutes or less. All right, for those that have been following the actively following me you notice there's been a three-week break apologized for those that haven't been follow me and you're watching it sometime in the future you'll probably notice they drop in performance because I've had a three week break with my vacation no range stuff like that but that being said let's get going jumping jacks Fork a size 10 of them 1208 around 29 13 10 and then reach for Kyle exercise to 10 one two three one stiff one two three two one two three two 12 h two push-ups to count to 10 of it 6 eight. All right, you can yes Carlos please exercise it lieutenant 1 2 311 23 25 to 3 30 to 35 to 35 to 36 1237 38 39 310 yeah I'm flicking off the clouds head late dinner one hour and a half ago Oh Jim 30 Oh be nice windows poor guy next to 10 right foot shit right hand left foot first hey X 0 to 3 one two three 23 just two one two three one two three eight one two three yeah 23 Jen trenches shoot down to KY exercise to 10 hope. This is right one I guess we're skating skating while the workouts young we won't be skating a couple months from now ready what dude snap crackle pop hit for now work on exercise with your tender one two three four two two two three three one two Oh two one two three six 237 38 one two three one two three push-ups took out tena then I think I'm we have the digraph two modified push-ups try and see good form even for modify three No flutter kicks followed by hello dollies both for count both for counting town hands under the button oops eat up flip it first 1231 1232 1233 1 2 3 4 35 36 23 summer try to keep the leg straight 1 2 3 to 10 hello dollies hey except on Jan 35 32 two oh yes moving right along bend for naps for count to 10 min 1231 1232 1233 23 23 236 70 to 80 my favorite dive bombers three of them stretch off the shoulder me we'll discuss that city & letters for Chi access to a telephone two triceps push-ups her meself yes I know I haven't even to unsuccessfully to count seven modified why nice budget squat thrusts for can exercise doing tonight go to ground in this right ready that sucks 12 why she almost got the juice to Oh push-ups to count to ten in the sense that time thanks for turning orange her we havin fun yet by the choices for 10 start no less 72 three what front row tation up tenable for cash 52 left five great starting to lift looking pretty 1233 go the other way five one two three one two three one two three three Superman Grissom's this guy's hitting pretty push you still need to get done modify it for me and knock out ten full form group for you know for the human sideline just 10 of them for county exercise starting the left watch your knees or knee if you have any type of knee problems foot problems things like that. This is your body ready pics 1 2 3 11 two three two one two three three one two three four one two three five one two three six one two three one two three eight four 39 one two three front lines of repetitions what connects ercise left leg 1231 1232 look straight forward three on two three four keep your back straight five one two three six one two three 238 239 lon 310 good job playability eating exercise now push down push up winter edition five ready you don't know or you think you are are you ready two three hey here have squat for connects nice Kennedy thanks a little wider than shoulder-width apart trying to keep your back straight no lower than parallel to the deck one one two bye three alright followed by hofstra pull-ups and a 30-minute run walk jog swim for aerobic activity something you like to do what's nice about this today or it got me out here one I don't want to disappoint too I got to enjoy 30 minutes outside after dinner work off my dinner see a beautiful sunset think about that when you're exercising its not just exercising exercise is good for you keeps you healthy keeps you strong but it gives you an opportunity to break away from the office get outside do something in the fresh air change of pace go in take a shower i'll be ready to knock out some more videos for the upcoming weeks thanks for tuning in thanks for sticking with me thanks for sticking with it you're keeping me motivated to keep doing it remember you get more with less if you haven't subscribed subscribe click that like button share this video share this playlist please appreciate it your support is greatly appreciated thank you very much everybody.

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