Faust Dunkel Beer Review

Ladies don't is time for another craft beer from the frankfurt prep your vest we have here the brauhaus ouch zoo miltenberg faustus sparks fears are duper 1654 to do them I like Google's coming at five point two percent abv 500 milliliter bottle I like it for those that don't know Google means dark Schwartz means black perfect pour me then you need my photo in beer back the heads supposed to go down a few pork not up let's read it interesting well carbonation throw this on the bottle of glass like a root beer glow they're all and barely to the beer.

Its color what dark almost dark amber i'm going to give you right in here I think we're going to get down to here let you know what I think at that time for her to finish up the peer review for you folks doing good mmm los ojos marcos created begin with kind of fly this year now course it's been a little while yes flavors kind of why I did feel like I do get a little bit of a hint of coffee on the backend different needs not here with drink but its depth line up one on my my top shop there.

I guess there you have.

Until the next frankfurt craft fest beer review that you later.

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