Fazer's Roasted & Salted Cashew Nuts in Milk Chocolate Review

Hello everyone Tucker a bit ofnot video review Sarah have another Karl fazer chocolate and this time it's a roasted unsalted because units in the milk chocolate and so not normally am a naughty fun really to us with you in chocolate I'm you know but recently got quite a taste for cuz you know soon you know we're better than I used to be with reality things so I think hazelnuts and things are still probably beyond evil term we at ease them very nice and Dale car phase of chocolates and a slowly so what why not so you can see it's got the typical Karl fazer blue side here and obviously the specific to the flavor color ESS and sort of golden golden orange I guess egg yolk or each other no pico de gallo none of it so as you know Kyle phase it's a finished show company boom so you can see says in English units been filmin not to get these fun amazon and museum import import it and leave comments smaller bars often I don't have all of these do but soon just make your worthwhile and because I'll add the chocolate I get the big bar so why not tell you when I can anyway sometimes you can't as hasn't it then yeah so it's a 200 gram bar then what a big chunky thing is not really any flourishes at the end here they're always the same size I think well yeah I'm surely huh it's 20 to 22 points about 25 a 2.5 centimeters design um just tell you the calorie wise it's a bit so basics in many different languages circular quite difficult to find the stuff that but per hundred grams so we basically half it then as per hundred grams this so I think for am basically eight segments and segmented bar and so will do for it will work out eight segments of this basically so it's a quarter what I'm going to tell you um is it just fit what we just in case full of dog watch it later so it's so photographs it's 549 calories so quarter that is probably was 121 in 13 421 235 roughly so 135 calories and I'm roughly working this out here so please don't hold me to it so 55 grams of fat and once again a quarter of that induces about nine just under nine grams of fat 19 of which they live up and per hundred grams 19 grams of saturated fats and so again the quarterback just under five isn't it so just on the five grams of saturated I'll so not see about actually yes only take so much though it's not much about that much of the bar but then generally not bad let's go for videos give it open so when comes the nice cafes a foil as usual it's not a foil foil actually it's kind of a thought i'm gonna bet a lot of Tober oils or kick a little bit still nice and still like it saudi ice cream on outside and you can just see the car fazer text on there as well ok so it's good a difference so just to check for the misleading you theme at sea air so you can seats is so it's an eight by four bar so this is a quarter there to buy for that's what we're talking about that's what this the starts i gave you way before this line so i'll give you a close-up them succeed sir segmented bartley's see this phase on inside there let's see that and Stinky's and yeah he's a yeah easily stuffed with fillings these so you can see on the back up that's how much solder cashew nuts you really are around with filling you can see on the phone oh they do quite good job of keeping these smooth it must be quite respectful a technique we can see that the phaser bits never got lumped in it you know so you can see some bits underneath utter yeah right so it's over slippery Wow well and only chop these in half so you can see what's going on by me nothing that speech itself doesn't look at that told you they're just stuffed full of filling these cafes of ours do you really do get by for me what's going on Nogueira you don't get a waft of chocolate as you open espero that's a really miss my term don't noticeably smell I need to shoot little saltiness or anything like that no i'll call this not for the sake of it to the review after all turn my money not i get paid for these are in any way shape or form in doors banging on my way but this is a joke but so yeah so we're there yeah i think that when we already knew what was in there but so you do certainly get a lot of filling in these paths which i really like actually okay mmm give it a go hmm aspect also survives because there's no crunch in there at all this fish units are not that hard or not actually able to hmm that's a really big surprise because basically you don't get any crunch at all of them not you have to saw you in the Milky typical no chocolate of car fazer so it's quite it's quite them subtle milk chocolate I guess is the best way to say but it's very nice that is creamy not screaming is Belgian chocolate for that was nice yeah when you get some message eating you just don't you can't even taste the cashews there's no not really not there's hardly any texture there that's all of the casino it's very only spite of an elegant you get a slight a slight sensation is you're biting into a slight bit of not bottom hmm then you'll be tuning it for a bit say five seconds and then a saltiness will come out since Barry actually mmm its funding to kizuna on a chocolate kind of merged into one so are you eating a sort of chocolate cashew nuts in the way that makes any sense hmm you know I'm very surprised with this i really like it to him it's you know it's really not like you're eating anything crunchy at all it's just very hard to explain smells with you it's just like a meeting so as I say the best way I can put it is like a chocolate cashew nuts you know I k as if using like a mixture of the two really and that's basically and then I'll say you tune it for a bit then you get salty taste in your mouth you'll get it straight away bring every now and again can you taste is that big it's not a big crunch or anything our thoughts just very subtle to you tasted that you've bit into a part of a cashew nut which so hmm very sir mmm I tell you what there's a lot of things out that the moment the two salted caramel and salted this and salted that I think this is probably the best one I've had well all sorts of salted caramel chocolate over the past few miles reviewing them on here you've probably seen them them raw okay with all a bit you know a bit gimmicky and I've also have a phase one which is a salted popcorn or salty popcorn in your chocolate and it was ok well just of it is this is the ones have every time over any of them then maybe the salted caramel has caramel in it so if you really into caramel maybe thus you know you might prefer that book mmm this chocolate so smooth and nice when you having it it's lovely really and I think um well definitely have this over the salty popcorn or nothing that's just it doesn't really work really clever bar they've done a good job then but so I'm very impressed for this I really like it's very lovely salty flavor yeah nothing the salted caramel ones you know they're okay em but they never quite will for me you had some ice creams and things like a haagen dazs salted caramel just gorgeous in them you know I could pry up a key business actually am in the Sun you at the top of bars alone and it just takes to be like caramel that's a bit a bit tastes a bit too much like treacle toffee or something enable never really like a salted caramel sauce I don't know nothing too convinced but this one is really nice so it's just not the way you eating in your nibbling is and you don't really get any point repeat you like as the sensation of eternity cuz you know because I quite softly guess you know then the salty flavor comes out just after you've been you tune it is really nice so what's that one more hmm nice dog like yes this is a once again as a salty flavor stuffs and chocolate bars I think this is definitely the one hmm and it's really nice link our fates are they're not really done anything wrong with her I say the salty popcorn or must pass a bit term bit too far Ian I mean he's nice but it was because obviously Popcaan blows out into massive bits the answer to get like a halfway house is such ready did the pop wasn't quite popcorn popcorn anyway but I don't know I just think it's probably just in popcorn Polly one thing that just doesn't work too well in the chocolate bar bottom but this yes lovely am it's amazing in definitely recommend this thing's probably well well that sells I said five at five then we just make sure what's going super blowing in and I think it probably is really I think I definitely think is worth a fire about five this it's very nice then let's say it's not you know house if you did have some kind of caramel is this all that you think oh yes you know what I think our phase are really doing econ past president I think about that while not seen any anyway let me know if they do but so yeah maybe we got something else on you Matthew well that's just icing on the cake you know some kind of caramel and needs or something but server but it's not there but it's really nice um yeah these successes having a 5 out of 5 definitely and I was close you can get to it really it's just it's just really nice something bout I'll save you did off camera later I think or something like that I don't know maybe too far i'm not sure but um but it's gorgeous just the way it is i love it by now very surprised at how for all of you how far I was kind of getting this one for the sake of getting in because I huddle the others there before most of your vests but no it's great really nice ok guys thanks for watching hope you enjoy the video where subscribe and follow me on Twitter and like my videos and stuff like this I know you think and I'll see you next time I so much guys take care bye for now see you later why
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