Feather Double Edge Popular Razor Review and Shave

Hello Gentleman, and welcome to the Gentleman’sClub. I’m your host Marc Antomattei, aka the new king of Japanese shaving. In today’s video I’m going to be reviewingand shaving with the Feather Double Edge Popular razor from Osaka, Japan. The first thing I’m doing here is showingoff my ugly mug assessing the battle situation.

The general says three days of stubble, ugly,and primed for shaving. Check out the t-shirt by the way. United StatesAir Force Basic Military Training, 322D Training Sq. Second to none. Shirt still looks new.It’s 13 years old now. I had it since early 2003, but just started wearing it early 2016. So this video is going to start off with mepriming my brush, lathering my soap, but while I’m doing that let’s talk about this razorfirst and get that out of the way. The first thing to say about this razor isthat it’s very lightweight.

But of course, that’s due to the plastic build. The twistto open head is made of stainless steel while the handle, aka the body is made of plastic.When I pressed the razor against my skin it hardly felt as if the razor was doing anythingat all and taking off any hair. That’s the thing about razors though, it’s to neverassume anything.

Once you start to think that it isn’t working and you press harder, that’sexactly when you are going to get cut. Reminds me very much of cats. You can be friendlyand play with them a little. You can have a little bit of fun, but when you take ittoo far and play with them too much is when they bite or scratch you. But anyways, yesthe razor feels very light and it isn’t aggressive at all. This would be considereda mild shave by most.

Feather Double Edge Popular Razor Review and Shave

I’m sure if you buy the really sharp Feather platinum coated razorblades, which are the sharpest around it’ll feel more aggressive in the sense you’llbe mindful of every stroke you make. I’m using here one of the two Hi-Stainless razorblades that came in the package with the handle. By the way, speaking of the package. I didn’tdo an unboxing of this razor in this video because I already did that before in a priorvideo. If you guys want to see that, click on the link in the description or visit mychannel page for that. The head of the razor is a kind of roundedshape which is quite nice.

It runs smoothly across the face and it doesn’t require toosteep an angle to cut. As of February 1, 2016. The aggregated reviewerscore for this razor on Amazon.com is 4.4 out of 5 stars. I’d say that is an excellentreview if I do say so myself. Unfortunately 28 rather unintelligent people (well not all,but a majority of them) don’t agree and see keen with the mass majority's point ofview. If they had an actual critique to offer rather than a one sentence “I hated it”rant, possibly I could take their word more seriously.

And it would be a lot more helpfulto those people sitting on the fence about buying one. Truth of the matter is, this double edge razorgame, as well as the straight cutthroat razor game is an art form. Some people do not possessthe skill or finesse to do it, or the patience to want to even attempt to try to learn howto do it.

It’s like the first Matrix movie, no one ever makes their first jump, but theyalways expect to do it without putting in the practice, work, and effort. This is actuallya very forgiving razor, but unforgiving to these people for obvious reasons. Don’t attempt to do just a one pass shavewith this and consider yourself done at the end of that and call it a sorry shave. Thisrequires two passes minimum to go out looking like anything and three if you want the bestlook / closest shave possible. Go up to down first with the grain. Second pass sideways.Third pass against the grain down to up.

Hold the razor in the same hand as the side ofthe face you are shaving. I hope that makes sense. For example if you are shaving rightside of your face, shave with the right hand. Same for the left hand. Always keep soap onyour face. Always use a sharp blade. And always keep your razor clean after usage. Followthese steps and this thing will treat you good for as long as you want it to.

I’m going to close with this. It’s a nicestarter DE razor, mild shave, last if you take care of it, and comes in a nice cheapplastic case where you can go portable with it without cutting yourself and everythingelse up with it. Let’s go ahead and watch the rest of this shave through in silence.The commentaries done. Thank you for watching. You know what to dogentleman, like, comment, subscribe, and keep it classy. See you in the next one.

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