Festive Fall Food!: Shrimp and Grits, Butternut Squash Salad and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hi everyone I'm super excited about today's episode because we're celebrating fault and even though it's 80 degrees here in Southern California I grew up in Virginia and follows one of my favorite seasons so what better way to celebrate than to make fall food we're going to make shrimp and grits a butternut squash salad and roasted pumpkin seeds today let's go so the first thing we're going to do is prep our squash this is a butternut squash around fault i'm i'm sure you see all kinds of squash show up in your supermarket so this is what you want to buy for this recipe um the best way to prepare this is to use a vegetable peeler and you're just going to peel off the skin this is a little bit hard and it takes a little bit of time but once you get the hang of it it's not too bad so we're just going to peel off all the skin and then we'll chop off the ends and cut it in half okay so we're going to cut off and look how orange it is on the inside looks good and doesn't have to be perfect or pretty because you're going to chop this up anyways so we're gonna cut this up into small cubes I bring you to the oven to 375 and we're gonna put some olive oil salt and pepper on it and just roast it for about 30 minutes now if you have a trick you don't want to go through all this effort and you're thinking right now that this is ridiculous that is so hard to cut up a squash you go to tender Joe's and buy this and it's about the same price as this so it's less squash but it's a lot easier so there you go okay so I finished cutting up the squash and as you can see this is a lot of squash compared to this but still this makes it a lot easier okay we're going to take some extra virgin olive oil and drizzle it across the top a fair amount give it some moisture and salt same thing a decent amount you want it to be coated some will fall off this is just sea salt and then some pepper pretty easy healthy body all chopped up we're just gonna put it in the oven and stir it around some time to time to make sure the squash gets cooked up evenly on all the sides so you just want to mix it around all night as my hands I mean you can use a special if you want but just get everything coated nicely and then we'll put it in the oven okay all our butternut squash is cooking we can start the shrimp I'm just using some frozen shrimp this is from trader joes you can definitely use a fresh shrimp and probably better but I have these in my freezer at all time so it's just easy and convenient and I think they taste pretty good so now that they're nice and haha I'm gonna put them in a bowl and then season that with this is a Creole seasoning kind of a kitchen tea flavor I just got this at vons probably at any normal grocery store trader joes does not have it actually um you could also use a spice rub of your own or any kind of spicy flavors you like so we're going to shake this on to the shrimp this does have salt in it already so be conscious of that and you don't want to put too much because then they'll be way too salty I've made that mistake before we're just going to let these sit and let the flavors marinate into the shrimp for a little bit and cut up some green pepper and onion for our shrimp and grits so traditional shrimp and grits usually don't have any vegetables in it but I like to add a little green pepper and some onion just for color and flavor I just think it needs a vegetable you want it to be pretty small pieces because you don't want it to be like a big but if you just wanted to kind of add a little bit of texture into your current so we're going to saute the pepper and onion I'm just going to turn my hand to medium heat and put some olive oil on it and we're going to saute the whole green pepper and the onion until the onion is a little bit translucent after about two or three minutes I'm going to crush a clove of garlic in 10 as well okay so all the veggies are sauteing we can start boiling some water for our grits you can just follow the directions on the back of the box and I'm going to do it for four people so that's going to be three cups of water one here and I'm going to bring that to a boil good check on our butternut squash and give it a little stir so now we can add our grits to the boiling water for four servings it says three-fourths of a cup so I'm going to have three of these one-fourth cup ok I'm going to put that in and then you want to stir it around and then put a lid on it we'll check back on that in about five minutes so the veggies look like they're getting a little bit of brown color on them now and that is the perfect time to add in our shrimp so at this point when you're making the meal this is all going to happen very fast shrimp does not take very long to cook at all and neither do grits so once we add in the shrimp hopefully the grips will be done at about the same time and I also like to add a little bit of butter I'd say about a tablespoon I just I think it gives the shrimp a really good flavor to have a little bit of melted butter in there so just put that in and kind of stir it around you want to flip the shrimp after a few minutes when they start to curl up and turn light pink good at their sort of watery but they're getting thicker so at this point we have an eternity and then I'm going to add another non-traditional shrimp and grits ingredient and I love it smoked gouda cheese I'm going to shred about a third of this and put it straight into the grits and when it melts it adds such a good cheesy smoky flavor to the grip I think it really makes this dish amazing so our shrimp is nice and pink and all curled up coming right off and check on our butternut squash I think it should be done it was so good okay so we're going to let everything cool just a little bit and in the meantime I'm going to prep the rest of the salad that we're going to put the butternut squash in herb salad mix for your Jose I'm just going to dump that into a bowl okay so we have that then I'm going to cut up some baby beets I also got a trader joes and they're awesome because they're already soft and really all you have to do is slice them up then we're going to sprinkle in some pine nuts you can toast these also and pan if you just want to put them over low heat for a few minutes it really brings out the flavor um but I'm just going to put them in raw today and spin school however much you like and then lastly we're going to crumble in some goat cheese crumble this in with your fingers okay so I'm going to rinse my hands off and then we can assemble everything I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe as much as I do and it gets you in the fall spirit you
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