FEV 1 machine at home!

So today i wanted to show everybody my fev1 machine that i got on amazon um because i really recommend it for someone who has asthma or CF and just because for me I'm trying to get my PFT's up there and I feel like I can keep a closer eye on it at home with this machine so I got it was up for about 3540 dollars and he was forty dollars with shipping and everything because the shipping for me was free and it's a digital peak flow and the fev 1 meter the meter looks like this and it shows you how to do it and the buttons but you know of course it comes with instructions so comes with a little pouch it looks like this and then you hopes then you have a top part section and that comes with information booklet little little cards that I don't use then you have a USB cord that you can put into your computer and this would go into the machine Lennar's the big umm pocket and that comes with more cards and most importantly the fev1 machine so it's it's really light and it's really small so and then it comes with a green mouthpiece and a purple mouthpiece but it the original one is just the blue one but I just haven't used these yet because I haven't used it very much now every now and then I will use a alcohol swab to clean the mouthpiece just because of germs so yeah um so I'm going to do it right now I'm going to explain how how to use it and my pts are probably going to really suck right now so but first of all before I even show y'all I want to kind of explain how you figure out the percentage of your favorite one because ill will only tell you like a one-point something but to figure out the percentage because I like to know the percentage of it you're going to need your last paper from the last time you did PMT's in the clinic or hospital and this just happens to be one that I did I'm about a little more than a week ago before i left home from the hospital and um my fees the corniness I blew a 49-percent and the reason why you need this your last time you did PFT's is because we needed to know the prediction of your fev1 so um I don't know if I could be able to see this because I'm on my ipod in a sex so fev1 this is this is what I blew this is a percentage but we're looking at this the prediction so mine is three point 18 which means someone normal for my age my weight height who doesn't have CF normally they their prediction would be at three point 18 so let's turn this on this is what I blue before 1.44 so I'm gonna take normal breaths I'll tell you what I'm doing before I do it I'm going to take normal breasts because but away from here not now piece and then I'm a blow in really deep then I'm a bowl out into the machine but do not take your normal brass on the machine because it once you blow out its it account that so it's not like a regular machine so I'm seeing my more Mille breaths out you'll see did you hear that beat that's the beep one tells me I'm done so I believe 1.46 and when you turn it off it's going to remind you that I'm little 1.46 so it's all so I want to take the 1.46 that I just blew and then I want to divide it by my prediction be in mind everyone's prediction is different so look at your last PS PS to find out your prediction my prediction is a three-point 18 so that would be so you do you divide ye blue and what your prediction is so I blue 1.46 and my prediction is a 3.8 team I'm gonna divide those and I get its your point for 59 and all blah blah blah all that so since it's 459 I'm around the 9 and make it a 46 so I blew a 46 so that makes it forty-six percent and it seems right because I blue 1.46 and when I left the hospital bill 1.57 it was forty-nine percent and this I blue 1.46 it's forty six percent so that's kind of how to figure it out because a lot of people get confused or like I'm getting one point something to point something how do I find the percentage well that's how so I really do recommend one of these things just because if you're like me and you want to get those PFT's up but you want a closer eye on them um I feel like it's pretty I feel like it's pretty accurate because when I go in for clinic or when I was in the when I was in the hospital I didn't I did them or even when I was in clinic and I did them I'd come home that same day and I'm doing on here just to see if it was if I was getting the same results and they were spot-on I would be fifty percent in the clinic and then I would do him here and they were fifty percent so for me there it's really accurate so i really like i said i really do recommend it search on amazon peak flow or fev 1 meter and this should pop up and I got the cheapest one just find the cheapest people people that sell them but i do recommend it and if you have any questions about it before you buy it just comment down below and go ahead and ask them and i'll answer them or if you can't find it you know what better yet i'll put a link down below in the description box so that you can just click it and find it that way and buy it because it really is helpful and I really do recommend it so uh yeah um thank you for watching um and like I said comment down below if you have any questions or anything and if you do have one let me know how accurate yours is and how it's been working for you so thanks for watching bye
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