Fieldpiece SMAN440 Wireless 4 Port Digital Refrigerant Manifold

Hi. This is Russ are you with fuel peace instruments and i'm going to show you the brand new s man 300 series and the s man 400 series when i got in my hand is the s man 360. This is a direct replacement for the s man 3 that alive you are may be familiar with and what we did is we listen to a bunch of feedback from the field and just try to improve every last inch of this thing we made it more rugged internally and externally and also added some features and cleaned up the usability the most noticeable difference that you'll see is this display.

What we did is we combined three modes of the S man 3 and put it into one mode on the S man 300s.

You'll first see that we got the pressures on the top line we got the superheat and subcooling on the middle line and we got vsat and lsat on the bottom line and that just goes for the left side is for the low side and the right side is for the high side now what we also have here is down the middle column is we have the refrigerant that you're using the targets superheat mode and that's the only extra mode that you have to ever have to go into everything else that it's measuring is just displayed right here then they got a suction line temperature and liquid line temperature and liquid line temperature would be for the right side and the suction line temperature before the low side and.

That's just the whole display.

Fieldpiece SMAN440 Wireless 4 Port Digital Refrigerant Manifold

You can see everything now the only other mode there's two other modes the other one is target superheat and. This is for your indoor wet bulb an outdoor dry bulb these either can be entered manually or measured with the included thermocouples so. However, you want to do it but in this case I put 60 degrees in for the indoor wet bulb and 80 degrees in for the outdoor dry bulb and it will calculate a target superheat of 8.7. This is for getting target super heats for fixed restricter systems now another thing you'll notice is the power buttons is a power button and backlight.

You saw me just press it and light goes off or light goes back on or hold it to turn it off now going over the the buttons let's go and get that back light on we got the refrigerants these are still in order of the most common ones to get our r22 and off in our for tanning right next to each other as well as 134a and 404 there is 41 other refrigerants built in and as refrigerants get added you will be able to download off of feel peace calm and update your estimates in you know at the comfort of your own home the rest of buttons we got enter this would be for various things mostly for entering the target super heat and just entered on in or using the alarm function this also has a micron gauge built in and.

I can set the alarm on it and then.

Yeah they are my case a few low alarm and the high alarm now what will happen is when this actually starts pulling a vacuum it will automatically go into vacuum mode and display the microns let's see what else we got units if you want to change some other units you just press that and you can select what units you want I'll just go ahead enter that out of that mode I want to go through the whole thing and select all the use that you can customize it to it whatever units you want live international people have different preferences and then we got the targets ebert we still have the atmospheric pressure and the pressure calibration that you can do with a bottle of refrigerant and measuring the temperature of that bottle.

You can calibrate it in the field both just ziering it out and actually covering it to a known pressure.

That's basically the basics of the SC 360 it still comes with two pipe clamps two thermocouples one for wet bulb and one for dry bulb and a padded case.

All the accessories you can find all the details on feel peace calm. All right, now moving on to the S man 400 series I got the S man 4 60 in my hands. This is the wireless for port manifold and.

That is the major difference between the s man 3 300 and the for hundreds if this one is Wireless and has an extra fourth port it's the large vacuum port.

You can pull down your vacuum Twitter have a valve on every port to close off or open as you please and then what I want to show you is this has the exact same display as the S man 300 what I do want to show you is the target superheat mode this one has I can send a wireless measurement directly to the S man.

I got a default measurements what I'm going to do is I'm going to sync up our transmitter here.

I got the transmitter hooked up turn it on hooked up to wet bulb. This is our a rh5 and it measures a wet ball with the thermistor like that.

What I'm going to do is sink this combo to the ass pants what i can do is put this up in up in the attic with the air conditioner out in the garage or wherever it wherever it is and send a white wet bulb measurement outside.

Let's just go ahead and do that first i'm going to press sync on here you'll see it searching i'm going to press sync on my transmitter and you'll see that pop up in just a couple seconds there we go i got a 60-point nine degrees of wet ball then what i can do is i either for this one i can either enter a wet ball wirelessly exactly the same way i did it with this transmitter guy we just use a separate transmitter in a separate head and get an outdoor measurement or i can do it manually which is super convenient if you may have something that can measure temperature really silly.

How you do that you hold the enter button and you'll get the digits blinking not that high then i can adjust this as i need.

Let's say it's 85 degrees outside and 34 degrees outside then others automatically calculate my target superheat now you'll notice that it's live as this number is slightly adjusting because it is a live wireless measurement this number will also adjust slightly.

That's why it's real nice about having the wet-bulb wireless like that you can see it live if it's something does change in the system you're going to know and it's going to adjust properly now the start of super heat is for fixed restricter systems to tell you what your super heat is supposed to be.

For example if it's 60 I got a 60-point 7 indoor wet bulb along with and 85 degree outdoor ambient temperature or drive all I would get a seven degrees of superheat and that's that.

That is the s man 400 series now both of these come the 300s and the 400s is we have actually four different models on the 400 it's one with and without a micron gauge and same with the 300 you.

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