FINALLY Cashew and Pistachio Seedlings!!!

Well you - it's the micro garden and today I am first of all coming to you guys to say and Merry Christmas Happy New Year happy Kwanzaa Hanukkah st. Patrick's Day I don't know whatever other holidays might be celebrated I don't know but if you celebrate it have a merry one and also have a happy new year as well first of all I'd like to also say thank you so much for supporting this new channel throughout the entire year it's been an absolutely great year and I I do have a giveaway planned very soon so stay tuned for that but it's not here yet so therefore I could say like here take some magic fairy dust uh but you wouldn't really gain anything from it because um I don't have it in my hand yet it's still on its way and it's very cool I think you're going to enjoy it and it's just a little way of me thanking you for being such awesome viewers for giving such great input and actually I do need your help so I'm going to ask you for your help but that is number one optional um number two I some of its going to wait because I'm going to ask you for help now but some stuff that I just recently ordered uh I don't want to give away yet because I want to do the unveiling and that'll ask you for help so um so I do need some help so I'm going to I'm going to walk you guys around really quick but first of all I do have something right next to me that I think is by far the most exciting thing to happen this year for this garden and I mean there's some other exciting stuff as well but but this specifically is oh it's just it's a Christmas present for me let's just say that and I think you're going to enjoy it solemn ring you guys in close you guys can see it because there's no way you're going to see it from all the way over there alright so first of all I have the pistachio and I don't know if you can see that very well but it's finally starting to put up some leaves it's pretty cool I'm absolutely really excited that means it's finally growing it's out of that that really sensitive stage where can rot easily it's making energy with its leaves now and it's gonna do good I think I think it's gonna do good and then I have the star of the show the cashew now this is the only one that I've gotten to sprout up so far there are several others that are putting down roots and pushing up but this one is just growing it's already got its little set of seed leaves I mean just it's I just love it but yeah so it's growing day by day this literally happened overnight and I it shed its seed coat I threw that away so it wouldn't rotten form mold or whatever but it's doing great it's growing super fast and I'm excited for it so let me walk you guys around now and oh oh and by the way before I say what I was going to say this took one week and two days for this to happen so if you're growing cashews I it does take a little bit longer than the four to five days that the internet says don't believe everything you read on the Internet they're not always right um but it took about four to five days to get a root but it did not sprout like it did not grow a full plant in four to five days like they said so um you know it's uh it's exciting so anyways I'm gonna walk you guys around and I'm gonna show you guys some stuff that's been happening and I need your input on it all right first off it's a jungle in here it's starting to get really really amazing I did transplant my goji berries I had them all on one cup and they're getting a little claustrophobic so I transplant them and they're doing amazing I also gave them a little bit of fertilizer so you see right there and I'm actually gonna do a fertilizer episode really soon so stay tuned for that as well what I fertilize my plants with it's all organic but but yeah and then behind that you see the mesquite tree seeds I have a that is the last time I will ever plant a 15 mesquite seeds because I have 100 percent germination um these are two cups I planted three and I hate to say it but I already threw out the third cup because I don't need 15 mesquite trees I'm not growing a forest um but but yeah so beautiful beautiful plants is already putting out its first set of adult leaves really cool it almost looks just like a sensitive plant but I already touched the leaves and it it doesn't fold up so but I think it is in the same family as the sensitive plant below that is a Virginia giant peanut and that is germinating that's hopefully going to come up fairly soon I mean it is up but I hope it's going to put out its new set of seedlings over here is the liliquoi that just germinated and sprouted and then over here is the raisin tree that just sprouted then right here is the cherimoya I finally got one to come up and it's doing something weird with its stem I don't know why it's doing that um but it's being all weird what else oh oh the goji berry gets all update you on that the the goji berry is doing amazing the leaves are getting huge it's growing really tall again for some reason but it's pushing out at the bottom so I might give it another trim who knows I don't know the bonsai peppers are doing great and again the small leaf on the coffee plant is starting to come out so it's it's doing healthy I also fertilized I fertilized everything all at once here uh-oh the poppy knows the poppy knows are putting out some more leaves still the same type of leaves so maybe something will happen I don't know over here really nothing other than this growth I thought I'd highlight as you can see the growth is definitely more predominant now it's still growing it's put on a good four inch growth since I planted it and again that's just not that's in more than one spot and as you can see these leaves are really really glossy and I don't even think the camera does it much justice but it's just so healthy and it's all over this thing but nothing new on the Buddha's hand and the the honeybell orange those are still getting acclimated to the grower room so it's gonna be a little bit um I did put a fan in whoa sorry I did put a fan and the fan it helps to rustle the leaves keep the humidity up in here because it is it is a tropical tropical zone alright so now here is where I need your help I had some seeds that I've had in here for a very long time I can't seem to get to sprout some I did just put in here and so therefore I don't really have a question yet of it but some plants I just oh my gosh I cannot get them to sprout and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what but my first one is the dwarf papaya now um obviously you can't see anything but I've had them in there for about a month now and I don't know if that's normal or not I heard they take a little bit longer to sprout I didn't scarify them I didn't do anything with them I just put them in the soil like they said and apparently they have poor germination rates but they said if you just kind of pile them in there that you'll you'll do fine another one that I'm having a problem with is the red dwarf banana and I I've never grown them before so therefore I don't know what to do with them ah black Chilean guava I've had in there for a long time all of the guavas if you have any information on how to grow guavas that'd be great I don't know how to sprout those at all and then another thing is wonder berries I don't know how long they take to sprout I don't know anything about so if you guys know please put in the comment box below then below here the passion fruits I have a couple passion for it sprouting but the Frederic passion fruit is not sprouting and neither is allspice and I've had those in there for a while again papayas the papayas are taking forever and Tuco knows those also are taking forever so hopefully you guys can help me with that guava 's and MBLAQ and yea all the guavas I have no clue why they're taking so long but none of the guavas have sprouted so just give me what you guys think in the description in the comment box below how you think they're supposed to be sprouted and kind of how to spray them any really any information just give me all the information you can possibly find and give and I will absolutely love it so thank you so much I do appreciate it and until next video I'll talk to you guys later see ya Mike
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