(Finally Here!) Hori Battle Pad Pikachu Edition Review

Dammit every time I see that stupid controller I I think about the I think about my last video Josh I was gonna make a review of which I never I never did but like I don't want to review you right now you need to understand that I really don't want to review you because I had finals tomorrow's my last day of school and I need more games for game plays over the summer alright.

Maybe your review can come from something else I mean King like next year maybe but I don't think that would work out maybe I don't know. Okay, I'll do it what's up ladies and gentlemen I'm the one and only middle game a guy and I'm here with another video yes another video but one specifically I don't know I don't know I i I'm feeling this video I'm feeling it I guess I I don't know I just want to do a review it review of the Pokemon the Pikachu a hurt Cory battle pad for nintendo wii u and also we also we which is awesome.

You're actually getting your money's worth and every thing. All right.

Get on my review I don't use this for smash brothers first of all I'm sorry I know it's called a battle pad and people buy the game controllers for uh smash brothers for um but I don't I tried it and I can't get into it um the controller i mostly use for smash brothers is the as a pro controller because i don't know this this just makes sense to me him really um.

It I'm better off using this controller it feels comfortable my brother uses this controller when you read whenever he wants to fight me we can smash of course not in real life because I would lose in real life but the pro controller I love the pro controller for smash brothers but then you're asking why why do I get it why did I return it well I'll tell you why it's because of these buttons here these buttons it just has a satisfactory it's more comfortable unlike the the gamecube controller of the original um those sunk in though those um triggers they sunk in it wasn't as comfortable but these are just buttons which is pretty nice.

I use this controller for a mario kart 8 when you're drifting this just feels comfortable when you're holding a weapon this feels also comfortable these two buttons I don't use them that much up and um.

Yeah it just feels.

Nice and also these two analog sticks they also feel excellent.

Like I said um uh in here you have the three buttons which is start home and select just like the pro controller then you also have this turbo I still don't know what that does I haven't tried to tried it out yet but I don't know what games to try it out on.

If you can like go down go down to the comments section and recommend a game that uses it a profit of that game and play it and then the d-pad is much different it's bigger and it it's like wow it's a big improvement after the game for your own game from controller but. This is a battle pad hey. This is not a game good game q controller game give it a controller did not have that it did not have two of these only had one and this was a lot smaller.

Yeah and. This is comfortable in my hands as well just go on the back here nothing is bare it should added like pig to Thunderbolt sadly I don't know uh we're not gonna be to pay too much attention to that but I wanna get into the design of this controller it's pretty I like it but then I don't um I don't know why when they went with this stars that's not Pikachu at all really that I can understand those little lightning bolts because pikachu's electric type of course is a mouse he's a mouse Pokemon and I wish it was like I kind of wish it was a full-color Pikachu but then I don't I like this design of Pikachu then they have the wii logo which I don't mind at all there's also a mario and luigi one which i might be picking up i'm not too sure yet i want i want to get into a few problems other than the stupid stars around Pikachu um but that's designed I like the controller it feels light but did they really do you really need that like just make it a cord attached it to your wii u I don't mind that at all but when it comes to like you have to connect your Wemo onto it and then like for real you need a wiimote to play to use this controller of course.

I'm just gonna let you get a heads up and I'm always having this on the floor or on my um and some his little slide off the at and the floor I might pick it pick this controller up followed by this I'm worried that the plug this plug here my damage but yeah am I not but I'm still worried about that um that's practically the only pawn really I mean they could have just had this Wireless just like the pro controller does this feel like a game to controller no it does not feel like a regular game who controller if you wanted to feel like it then you're shit out of luck you can't see that I'm awful at reviewing shit.

The buns are big enough for me to drift throw items drive and look back I do like this controller a lot do I recommend it of course I do but if you don't like the idea of having meeting a wii remote I attached to this having the battle pad attached to the wiimote then yeah I don't recommend it but that's the only con I can get past that really um at first I hated this controller I hated it I don't know why a video game universe a link in description and at the end of the video or now on the controller um he recommended this controller couldn't stop sharing it and talking about it on live twitch playing freaking super smash and mario kart csgo it's not a Wii U game but still we can't stop talking about it either way he likes his controller I bought it tried it out hated it at first. Okay, hated it at first but then I grow I grow into it played Mario Cart with it as like holy shit. This is amazing.

I recommend it for mario kart for those Mario Kart fans fanatics and yeah it just feels comfortable in my hands when i play mario kart I love this controller you should go buy it.

Basically if you don't have a wii remote they're bringing their most like 40 bucks this one is like 20 to 30 possibly 30 um.

Your basic spending like about seventy dollars on both um which is. Okay, it's. Okay, um this one is just um. This is a sixty dollars.

I'm just saying ten dollars left for pro.

Guys I guess. This is it we have to part ways and I got a I got I've to write an essay I forgot all about the essay and tomorrow's the last day of school oh and as return a book and returned yet Wow um well I'm screwed. Okay, anyway, guys hope you guys enjoy this video he does later I.

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