Financial Calculator - Basic Functions - 10bii Mac OS X

Hi. This is tiffany from in-a-day development welcome to our video tutorial on basic calculator functions a lot of financial calculators use reverse polish notation or postfix notation but the 10 bay too lets you enter equations the same way you learn to do in school. This is called infix notation that means that if you have 2 plus 5 times 8 then you type in 2 plus 5 times 8 and hit equals the calculator does the math and displays 42 wait you say I thought two plus five a seven and seven times eight is fifty-six you're right but remember that in arithmetic multiplication is performed before addition if we want to make sure the addition happens first we have to use parentheses which you find in orange shift mode let's do that now hit orange shift open paren two plus five orange shift close paren x 8 and hit equals and we get 56 as expected. This is very easy to do with your keyboard because you can simply type open paren two plus five close paren asterisk eight then hit enter to get the answer now let's talk percentages let's say we want to take 150 plus twenty five percent of 150 minus 35 no problem we type in 150 plus twenty-five percent minus 35 and hit enter we get 150 2.5 next we want to do something a little more complicated what's three plus four to the two times three power we type in three plus four orange shift y to the x orange shift open paren two times three orange shift close paren and hit equals I get 4099 now let's say we're dealing with numbers with a lot of decimal places for example what's 8/3 to the fifth decimal place we type in 8/3 and hit equals but get 2.67 not decimal places to see more decimal places displayed we hit orange shift display or type D on your keyboard and then enter a number in this case will enter 5 we do that and voila the number changes to two point six six six six seven note that the number didn't change we're just looking at more digits now at any time you can hit command C to copy the value or equation in your calculators display.

You can paste it into an email or document etc there's lots more to this app but. This is a brief overview of the basic arithmetic calculator functions check out the other videos for more detail on other awesome things you can do thanks for watching and make sure you get your 10b to financial calculator app from the App Store for iPhone iPad Android and Mac OS if you have any questions about this example please feel free to email us at the team at na de développement com.

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