Financial Calculator - Memory Register- 10bii Mac OS X

Hi. This is Kyle from any day development welcome to our video tutorial on the M register the 10 B to financial calculator app has one special memory slot or register called the M register this register has three dedicated buttons which help you store recall and add values directly into the M register to store your first value into the M register you type in or calculate the value then hit arrow em to recall that value you hit recall memory or RM if you want to add the currently displayed value to the value already in the am register hit em plus let's start with a simple example will add 2+2 and store it in the m register I hit two plus two and then arrow m or type shift em on my keyboard now let's just calculate 3 times 3 and we get 9 i'd like to subtract my previously saved value from nine.

I just click minus and then RM or are on my keyboard and it will tack it onto my equation i hit equals and nine minus four is five now let's say i have a list of numbers i want to add together I can use the M register to do this easily first let's make sure the M register has zero in it I hit zero then arrow em then I go down my list of numbers entering them and hitting em plus 10 m plus 20 m plus 13 m plus 37 point 65 m plus negative 40 4.37 m + 44 / 3 m plus if i have an equation showing when i hit M plus it will evaluate the equation and use the results when adding to the M register I'll continue with my numbers 3 + 4 orange shift y to the x 3m + ok that's all of them what's the sum of my numbers click RM evidently the sum is 100 17.95 and that's how to use the arrow M are M and M plus thanks for watching and make sure you get your 10b to financial calculator app from the App Store for iPhone iPad Android and Mac OS if you have any questions about this example please feel free to email us at the team at in today development.

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