Financial Calculator - STO RCL Store Recall - 10bii Mac OS X

Hi. This is kenny from in a day development welcome to our video tutorial for the store and recall function your calculator has 10 different numbered memory slots called registers you can put numbers into these registers by using the store button or typing shift s on your keyboard and retrieve numbers from them by hitting the recall button or typing shift our let's see how this works in practice say I spent $95 this week I want to store this number for later.

I enter 95 then hit orange shift store then I hit one to put this number in to register one on the other hand I earned $75 this week I want to store this number for later as well.

I enter 75 hit orange shift store then I hit two to put this number in to register too I then do an unrelated problem say 2+2 just to change the numbers in my display at this point I want to use those numbers I stored I want to figure out how much richer or poorer I am now than I was last week I hit recall then to to bring up the income I stored earlier this grabs the value in register two and adds it to my equation then I hit minus then recall one to bring up the amount i spent the value from register one is added to my equation and i hit equals to see how much my net worth went up or down uh-oh I spent twenty dollars more than I made now let's say I could keep up this week's level of income for three weeks and spend nothing more than I spent this week.

I hit recall to the x button 3 then minus recall one and equals wow if I keep up my income at this week's rate and eliminate my expenses over the next two weeks I will have a hundred and thirty dollars after two more weeks as a side note the recall button also can be used to recall the value from one of your TV m registers for example n 0 ir pvp mt or FV just click recall and then PMT if you want to recall the value of your PMT register and add it to your equation if you would like to see all of the values in your memory registers you can use the View menu to open the memory registers summary thanks for watching and make sure you get your timbi to financial calculator app from the App Store for iPhone iPad Android and Mac OS if you have any questions about this example please feel free to email us at the team at na de développement com.

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