Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover/Does It Work? Honest Review/Demo

Hey guys! welcome welcome back to my channel it's the British rose Beauty Julie in DC I am here to do a demo and let you know what I think about this new finishing touch flawless facial hair remover they say it's like a lipstick I've seen it advertised on TV but. This is the kind of size of it and. This is a size of a lipstick.

About twice the size of a lipstick.

It comes in this cute kind of white little case it's got gold on it and you pull it apart and there's a battery that comes with it which I wasn't I was happy to see a natural battery come with it that you just put in here in the tube and it's got this just see if I can show you this top on it that's gold and you meant to do circular motions with this and it's meant to remove all your fuzz and all your hair now I was intrigued by this because as you can see I'm I'm very dark-haired and I have very first skin and I'm kind of hairy for a girl I'm hairy I'm and part of that is because I'm dark and it shows up on me I mean you can just see with my arms I'm hairier than most people anyway.

Let's give this thing a whirl and what I have also brought is one of these now I just to show you you can just pick these things up at your local drugstore at Walmart I use these all the time I specifically use them for my eyebrows because I won't works because I believe that the constant rip in here actually caused this to go down a bit and since I've been using and been very religious with my skincare and using vitamin A I think I've actually brought some life back into this part here that was really drooping badly.

Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover/Does It Work? Honest Review/Demo

I won't use any kind of waxing on my face at all but I do use this and I use this for the peach fuzzer and because I'm dark I have a pretty dark mustache that comes and I have all kinds of hair coming out now I'm pre menopausal.

What I was gonna do was put this on my peach fuzz on this side of my face first and then go in with this after to see if anything's left. Okay, and to see if this thing is worth what $19.99 I think it goes for and I as always I paid my own money for this but I was intrigued and I wanted to see if it works.

It's got kind of like this soft tip on it that you just put on and go around in circular motion.

Let's see if this baby works.

I'm gonna switch it on I was pressing this thing but you just pressed this one here it's cool it'll write a violet light no I love violet lights because that's the symbol the healing light in Reiki is actually Lila that's kind of cool anyway, but it looks like when I look at it from this side maybe it's just the thing I'm sorry the TV is there.

You might to go here.

I'm not feeling any pain at all just feels I feel nothing basically.

I'm gonna go over this side here. Okay, getting a little warm since it got rid of it ok.

I think I've given that fair go and I'm gonna go over with this just see if there's any hair see how good this thing work.

Let's see it's our side no I'm gonna go here first I'm gonna do that again because I think no are some hairs. Okay.

When I go over with this thing there's just a few hairs left I'm gonna give this another go on this side and then I'll be I'm gonna focus here because. This is where the hair is worth. This is where my problem area really is more than anyone. Okay.

I'm gonna go back in here she let me clean this off.

I talked about a couple of pairs let me try this. Okay, guys.

My thoughts on this are it's pretty good I think you can be more precise with one of these but it did a pretty good job it got rid of most of my hair and it did have a very almost spa-like smoothing effect it felt like when I use one of these I feel like I'm almost taking off a layer of skin not that that's a bad thing but. This is a little rougher to use I'm actually truly am liking this.

I'm pretty glad I bought it I think it's more pleasant to use than a razor on your face and I almost feel like it's massaging your face at the same time.

I kind of like the idea of that.

I am gonna say I love the packaging for them to say it's the size of a lipstick no way I showed you that is twice the size of a lipstick it's more like a small perfume bottle I would say I'm gonna keep using it right now I'm gonna give it a thumbs up I like it it was it it had a really nice feeling to I felt like I was massaging my face which I may be a bonus with this it did get my fuzz off I felt like it missed a couple bits this one I could this one is more precise you can get in to smaller spaces because you know you're dealing with something that size and something this size but overall I really do like this.

I'm kind of glad for 20 bucks it's not bad.

I kind of do like it.

I'm gonna give it a thumbs up and if I change my mind I'll let you know and if I really do like it you will see it in early for favors again thank you very much for your time I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe and give it a thumbs up and I will be back soon thanks again bye bye.

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