Finishing Touch Flawless • Perfect For Sensitive Areas

Hi everyone a lot of people have been talking about this new flawless hair remover.

I just got it today I wanted to show everyone what it is take it out of the package it comes with one battery which you when you get the unit you slide it right open pull it out you're able to put the battery in make sure I have it facing the right way and then you slide the unit right back in it pop like this and then it's.

Gently removes all the little peach fuzz unwanted hairs I've been trying this on my knees because I always mix them when raising a shaving and.

This has been really awesome to kind of remove the hairs off of my knees without hurting myself what I really love about this unit is at the top piece it's really beautiful by the way comes right off and you're able to just clean it out it comes with this little brush that you are able to use I can get it out of the packaging to clean it out and you can just kind of stuff it in your sink and then all you need to do is slide this right back on and just the look of it is amazing because it looks like lipstick and I hide it in my bag and nobody really knows what I'm up to when I want to stop light and can I get rid of little unwanted facial hairs good luck everyone.

Finishing Touch Flawless • Perfect For Sensitive Areas

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