Hey guys! welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm going to do a first impressions for you guys and it's going to be on the vanilla coal clean it zero cleanser and I've never tried it before.

I'm really excited to show you guys my first impressions on it.

Let's get started alright.


My face is already kind of caked up a little bit because I just finished filming a makeup tutorial for you guys.

Look out for that video but now I'm going to go ahead and remove my makeup using the cleanser.

Now when you first open up the box you get the cleanser and then you get like a little spatula with a clear plastic cover.

I'm just going to go ahead and open it up.

Here's how it looks like it looks very waxy but as soon as you dip your finger in there it gets really like really jelly like here's how it looks like.

I'm just going to scoop it using the spatula and then put it on my face and then I'm gonna massage it thank you too much I don't know I feel like I feel like I put too much but that's right.

I'm just gonna moustache it and I do have like mascara on and eyeliner and I did my brows and I get lipstick on and I shadow and I have a little bit of contour to it smells really good like it smells like I don't know it smells like fresh and it smells like very floral e but if you're not really into like scented stuff then I probably wouldn't recommend it not that it's like super strong or anything like that but there is a very very slight scent to the product.

Now I'm just gonna go ahead and rinse this off and then I'll be right back alright.

I went ahead and washed off all the product off of my face and.

Far it feels really clean and looks really clean it looks like all the makeup has come off of my face but just to double-check everything I'm going to go ahead and wipe my face down with this Guarnere skin active micellar cleansing water.

I'm going to take this and a cotton pad and I'm just going to wipe my face down see if there's any leftover residue or any leftover makeup on my face.

I'm gonna shake this up shake it off shake it off and that's the lane. Okay.

Look whoopsies first I'm going to start off wiping down my face there's any leftover makeup Oh oh look at that there is nothing on this con man like nothing literally like there's nothing on this cotton pad like no makeup on this cotton pad we're going to try wiping down my eye area because that's why I had most makeup I had eyeliner and mascara and eye shadow oh my my looks really red that's crazy like it's clean like it's literally clean like I wiped my eyelashes and under-eye and everything and there's nothing on there and he saw how hard I was wiping like my eyes we ride.

That's crazy and.

Like I'm.

Amazed right now it's crazy like this really does like that's crazy oh my god like the mascara has wiped off eyeliner is off i shadow eyebrows are gone my whole face is completely wiped out of makeup and it's it's amazing.

Overall I would give this a 10 out of 10 just for its performance I mean I really don't know why I haven't bought this sooner and forget why Oh cleansers and forget makeup wipes like all you need is this guy right here like. This is amazing and again you get a hundred mil and I don't remember the exact pricing for this but I know it was less than 20 bucks.

Definitely get your hands on this if you guys can I hope you guys enjoyed this first impressions let me know what you guys think of this product if you guys have tried it before let me know if you liked it or didn't like it what you liked about it what you didn't like about it but leave it down below in the comment box and I guess that's it don't forget to Like subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye.

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