First Impressions!! J. One Jelly Pack and Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Yes I have a really exciting video to film for you today now it's the end of my day I just got home from work it's about 8 30 and I have a full face of makeup still on.

I was very excited when I got this package it is from Mimi box and then they give you a little receipt and go through all the fuzz now what I got was actually really can contribute through and make it easier to open them I got the vanilla coke clean it zero and I got the j1 jelly pack.

The vanilla coke plant zero is supposed to have papaya extracts kind of manually chemically exfoliate your skin while you're taking off your makeup it has a lot of moisturizers and it's just supposed to be all around good for your skin now this has the little plastic top you're supposed to put in there and as a little spatula and. This is what the packaging looks like hello then huh it doesn't really have a fragrance to it.

That might be good for my sentence kin and then I forget exactly how to pronounce an actress name who uses this idiot ah gwan from secret garden she uses it she isn't a couple different ways cheese's it kind of under her makeup a lot of times and she uses this as a sleeping pack I think since I'm about to take off all of my makeup and then go wash my face that i'll just use it as the sleeping pack today and then check in and tell you guys when i think of it.

First Impressions!! J. One Jelly Pack and Banila Co. Clean It Zero

What I'm gonna do now is I'm going to go ahead and videotape myself cleaning off my makeup that should be really pretty right and then I'm going to pause it go into the bathroom and wash my face as usual with the blueberry balancing cleanser from Innisfree instead of using the blueberry toner and the snail the essence that I have I'm just going to use this under it and see how come how it works on its own take my glasses off I'm going to pull my hair back I usually have my kitty ears for this I don't know they're.

We will get the top out and get a spatula good catch right and what you're going to do is take a good sized amount I've heard a little bit of a long way with this place it on your hands the bomb will turn into an oil and it is supposed to just wipe off all of that stubborn makeup especially the liquid eyeliner the waterproof mascara you guys put on oh I should not have done my lips first. Okay, I would do within if I knew how now I don't know if you guys can see without me being able to zoom you guys in but it took off pretty much all of my mascara and all of my eyeliner which usually takes the makeup remover I have the Neutrogena cleansing oil it takes washing my face it takes rubbing toner over it and then it takes going back in with like a cleansing water and going through all that but the clean is your took it all off instantly.

Yeah I think I would give it five stars now I got this on Mimi box it is I got it on sale for about 16 but i think it's 20-something normally.

I would definitely have you guys go check that out now i'm going to go wash my face with the Innisfree cleanser and I'll be back and we'll review the j1 jelly pack I'm back from washing my face and I took a pips hell and wiped off all that cleansing oil and. This is everything that came off I've never had a makeup remover take off basically everything at once.

This I feel like it's going to be a huge lifesaver for me now like I said all I did was wash my face I don't have me toner and i'm having a cents emulsions lotions anything like that i am going to go ahead and use this and see how it fares completely on its own now. This is what's the firm skin and improve the elasticity and kind of smooth out your pores I know I do and did this on the get a beauty show she kind of just apply that all over her face what I wouldn't really call this sticky or even tacky just kind of thick and slimy I would say and then she's kind of smooth look all of her face now I get a lot of my inspiration for what i buy off of mainly Morgan from the beauty breakdown I like to do a lot of research I may need a little bit more I like to do a lot of research before i buy something just to see whether or not it'll work pretty well I feel really shiny already I can feel like. This is kind of tightening my skin it feels kind of sticky and then looks really shiny and I feel like if I room it too much little pieces are coming off I don't know if you can tell. This is Diana used to apply it with and then. This is my normal hand I feel like this one looks a lot smoother maybe a little bit more plump but I can already feel it kind of pulling my skin up.

I will use this as a sleeping pack and I will check out with you guys in the morning about how I think it did right see you then it's been a few days of me using the j1 jelly pack from ha jiwon I feel like it has made a difference in my skin I don't know if you guys can tell and I just put it on not too long ago.

It is still kind of sticky and shiny but i will say that goes away pretty quickly and when you wash your face in the morning it feels tighter it feels from her it feels a little bit more plump and i love it i think it will be something i use every night or almost every night and another thing I wanted to do for you guys today is I wanted to test out the clean it zero vs just my regular skin cleanser.

What I have on is I have on Urban Decay eyeshadow by itself and with Smashbox primer and I use the smoky palette and I used radar the next is the NYX lip liquid lipstick and then i have the Milani infinite liquid eyeliner in blue I also have my Smashbox x-rated mascara on right here and then. This is my nano liner I think I got this at walmart.

I have just got a big bowl of water right here I cats are fighting always and I am just going to wet this face wash pad I look up from walmart i lost my konjac sponge in the toilet pic of my cats cats ruin everything.

I'm just going to take this I kind of scrub a little bit and then just wipe it off see it took off the eyeshadow and most of the eyeliner now I'm going to take a little bit of the clean it zero and I'm just going to put it on right above where I put on the disk cleanser and I'm just gonna scrub that a little bit and then we'll remove that now the only thing it looks like I didn't take off is it has a little bit of my eyeliner left over and then it took off a lot of this liquid eyeliner and it took off my mascara and it took off the liquid lipstick really nice whereas the cleanser left go sick both liners and the mascara.

I feel like like I said earlier. This is going to be a lifesaver it's really hot I ride the bus I am in a physically active job all day which one people don't think that hair stylist are very physically active but it's a lot of moving your arms up and down sweaty really easy it's a lot more worse than people realize.

Everything if I'm not wearing something pretty heavy-duty it'll just come off by the end of the day.

I would just say that both of those products I will probably be using a lot and five stars for all of them. All right, don't forget to Like comment subscribe and I hope you guys have a wonderful day hey Tinka do you want to say hi to the nice people you wanna say I was being naughty while mommy was filming and messing with my sister under the chair yeah i was being naughty just like you are now say bye to the people and i'll put you down by people.

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