First Time at Handball 02 Practice Symmetrical Throwing

Alright goal today is to throw the ball opposite hands and having the foot work the way it's supposed to be relative to the ball throwing a hand as well.

I'm going to do ten ten ten ten then I'm gonna do tenten tenten alternating back and forth to the east is throwing and catching with alternating hands try and get my body used to the footwork.

We'll begin shoutout to Nancy the evil designer facebook for suggestions as far as how to better and make improvements on my video here on handball.

What we're seeing here I've been given instruction by other youtubers and the person at work when first starting out a good way to practice is to practice throwing with both hands and in my first video you can see I was just doing 20 times each hand here I'm going to 10 times each hand three different threads you've got the overhand you see here then you'll have a sign throw which will be coming up and an underhand throw.

The idea is in handball your hands are acting the part of the racket.

You have to be able to use both of them like you're ambidextrous or symmetrically.

By practicing throwing you're practicing getting ready to be able to hit the ball and what I'm actually aiming at is there's a spot in the wall and I'm actually trying to aim to hit that spot in the wall with both hands to increase my accuracy when I go to start hitting the ball you can see here I'm a little bit better at catching the ball retrieving the ball when I throw it on the first video that you saw i was missing taking the air there you can see that I i miss it if you can't catch the ball how in the world are you going to be able to hit it and if you don't hit it with the right of your hand it it stings quite a bit you hit it with your fingers you eat it with your wrist you hit it with your thumb it stings quite a bit and right now that's one of the hurdles I'm trying to overcome with this game is to be able to hit the ball or return the ball or serve the ball and not have it hurt as much as it can.

That to me is my biggest obstacle obstacle of accuracy and in conditioning the muscles and arms to work symmetrically that just takes time what are some of the other frustrations what I'm doing this monday wednesday friday to allow my arms to take a break tuesdays and thursdays and that's just you know to me that's just a common sense when it comes as a fitness you shouldn't be doing new exercises every day you need to give your chance for your body and your muscles to recover i am hated it i am mid 50.

Some things take longer than others and i don't want to pull a muscle or cause something that would cause me to have to stop completely for some undetermined length of time.

Here we're going to the underhand a little bit harder for me to throw the ball where I want it to go I'm not used to throwing a fast underhand like that it's not like.

On uh on your hand slow ball pitch or something like that I mean you're trying to basically you're trying to hit the ball horizontally.

That when it hits the wall it's going to come back and hit the ground relatively quickly.

Your opponent can't return the ball that's the whole idea is to be any offense when you're serving I think you can see to I like doing this alternating stuff here well i think i forgot to alternate here oh I'm still doing the 10 and 10 as you were you can't see my accuracy isn't very good I'm going to Midway up the wall low on the wall meet him on the wall not even hit and kept not even touching the ball when it comes back you know.

You saw my first to do how many shot when I was actually trying to hit the ball how many times I actually missed it completely it's like a hairball hmm. Okay, there's me telling you guys that hey I'm going to do alternating hands now and yes it's pretty warm in there I think that they actually had a relatively thick t-shirt on and yes I'm wearing pants and socks I'm just going in there for a 15 minute quick workout nothing nothing fancy and then I go back to work it's like mid afternoon when I go hey aren't you supposed to be alternating hands here there how about that oh if you haven't noticed I am left-handed.

It is natural for me to throw with my left hand and throw in with my right hand is very unnatural at this point now solve that being said if you don't play ball then you probably won't let's think of this but when you're playing ball.

I would play in softball baseball I would throw with my left but I'm catching with my right that's just natural you catch with the opposite and you throw it because you were glove on that hand.

What I'm going to catch with my left even though I'm left-handed here it's not a natural thing for me to do because I've always caught the ball with my right hand playing ball.

It's like I naturally throw with the left and I naturally catch with right.

By alternating both sides like this and you try to alternate they're catching on both sides you're training both of your arms to be symmetrical.

When I to have a match then I have no weak side because I've trained both sides some would probably say was you train your weak side more and that's that's there's a lot of truth in that too but like I say I'm just doing warm-ups getting a little exercise in the middle of the day still missing that little blue ball what makes a little heartbeat wearing socks near to run after the thing 20 you notice I don't have gloves here.

Ah forgot what the reason was maybe I just didn't bring him or maybe I was just thinking I was going to throw the ball I don't remember this was last week already.

The gloves i have i actually have gardening gloves or work gloves there are all leather made in America ooh support America when I can yeah oh.

You see me swinging my arms every now then that's to try and keep my shoulders loose you know I've when playing racquetball before there'd be times right maybe stretch something a little bit too much.

I'm trying to avoid that type of a problem while I'm warming up and playing handball there again it's kind of listening to your body and not overdoing it I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to handball racquetball I'm really doing it for exercise for fun for camaraderie with people that I play with I mean heck I'll even laugh at myself when I'm in there practicing if I miss something or do something silly oh we're almost to the end here yeah I didn't don't think I did too bad on this end alright.

Thumbs up that's because I felt better than the video that you saw earlier.

I'm not all that unhappy with the progress from today oh yeah trying to do a few hits with no glove much better.

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