Fisher Price Crawl Around Car..Parent Reminder!!!

Hey guys! welcome to two new parents calm today my son is investigating the outside parts of the car in particular the wheel that does spin I want to do this video just to let you know that it's definitely a toy that can be played with inside as well as out.

There's lots of activities here the ramp can be played with.

The balls going me outside in and I can play with it outside the car as well as inside I don't think I said that in the video another thing I wanted to let you know about my son was inside just a few minutes ago and he did get stuck his upper body was kind of jammed in gear and his arm was stuck in there.

Just be careful when your baby is playing inside specially if they're smaller because he was not to upset but upset enough that I came over and you know I had to help him out.

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car..Parent Reminder!!!

He and he can say it very well on his own.

He's just a little bit smaller and easily equal to I guess get stuck inside.

I caution you especially if you have a baby that's less than a year old you definitely want to be close by when they're inside the car because they can get stock.

Just a little FYI still really like the car and he loves it but it once let other parents out there know to not be too far away obviously when they're playing unless that's something that you would obviously you know follow anyway, alrighty.

There you go guys and definitely like the wheel today hope you like that review give it a thumbs up if it helped you in any way and check out the full review on our youtube channel bye for now.

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