Fisher price crawl around learning center unboxing

Mikey and many -. This is what Santa bot for my son and it's a fisher-price crawl around activity center and it's huge and you see from the box ahead puppy which is the fisher-price puppy and arch.

It's really huge and.

I'm very excited that Santa now I'm gonna set the unboxing with my knife I do like knives and. This is a mossy oak pink blaze life the things that go on the bottom through the arch metal part I think they were before take everything off now it's just a thing just stick hey really easy that's four of them.

Aren't really hard and some of the baby toys have the type this type of suture security on it you just twist you keep twisting it to see it sing it until I guess it's like screwed into it into the the toy or of course more safety here are the blocks that go to here my handy-dandy night the back you just gonna take these out a little high take though of course it's for security purposes.

Fisher price crawl around learning center unboxing

You have this piece these pieces we have this piece we need these are the instructions I found but for me I really done the instructions until I really really have to.

The instructions are here you can tell in the bottom where things are supposed to be like this one goes here no other square goes on these squares of those things.

Let's try to do that.

These have like little holes through and then these have a look.

You just walk on same goes to this one then you have the arch and then they go through here so. This is how it should look then you have little phone for the dial and then right by the telephone there should be a turn off a low volume and a high volume you know that's high and what we were low and there's puppy inside the house ok.

Where the telephone should be it's right here just patch it back on.

Right now it's on low volume you have off low volume of high volumes you're gonna taste a high volume that's how and then on top you could push the issue very simple puppy as a little lantern just cute and then the Sun Sun moves.

That's pretty awesome and then on this side turn oh that's gonna annoy me I know that for sure then the turtle monkey says ball Lantern oh cool little little window that's awesome there's arch. Okay, and then.

I'm this other side where the wood boys they have this and puppies and then they have a little photo right.

I'm thinking can't really do it they get just digs a monkey in their little toy and then this side it's just cool I think. This is the one that wanted me to get it I think you take these in yeah you put these in and they go back out.

When your son or daughter goes right back to them and there's a smart stages right here. This is one two three and th you know when your child grows up they have different learning stages and then there's the alphabet on top and on the bottom and then of course when I told you about this your shapes and then there's a little button in there cqc that tells you that puppy will say something.

I'm puppy he kid you could touch his ear and he sings Sanford tummy I guess it sings on everything you touch on anything. This is a pretty cool thing I'm gonna test it out with my son and on our next video I tell him how he loves it and we'll see if. This is a goodbye or not I think it's a good buy I think it's big enough for that he is there anything else I think he should be good with that and then he has he has puppy too which I could do another review but he has puppy - he has the same things and.

He's coming along with the collection of fisher-price.

I think it looks awesome you know I not that I know of when I was younger I didn't have this.

I mean for me I just want to play with it you know you want to play with your son.

Um I'll be back soon with another video and I'll see if I can find another fisher-price toy that I think that should do a review on and.

I will see you next time and I hope you guys have a happy new year thank you.

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