Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car Assembly (Part 1 of 2)

I love Sam's Toibin today we're going to be doing a review of the lot to learn smart stages crawl on car I'm also going to do a assembly video show you how to assemble this and give you my opinion specifications it's too late.

Let's check it out.

Here's the toy before as been the symbol and as you can see it comes in quite a few pieces and as you can see here what you need to assemble. This is a Phillips screwdriver we're also going to three triplets are three double a batteries there these all the screws come with the toy and I think when I mentions well is that in addition to the Civic are you have these three bowls here and these three want to go the shapes that come to the car as well that the your child can interact with the car with.

Once it's completed you'll see.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car Assembly (Part 1 of 2)

The first thing to do is connect this door assembly to the front.

I already kind of started but what you essentially do these two pieces come separate.

What I did a couple together without even any screws they cable that hinge assembly United statute assembly into the front part of the car so. This is the left door and I pretty much connect to the door to the front assembly for car.

I'm going to do their number of holes or any screws is one two three four five six seven eight nine screws.

I should've put the screws in store assembly.

Point to note this whole quite humid they're all identical except two screws which are longer than the rest and those two screws would be used to connect two back wheels too.

She won't have any issue.

That is cookie squad on the left or assembly and if you want you can use an electric screwdriver but it'll won't be screws about that long.

You could use a regular screwdriver and you should be good to go screws in here and of course when you're using the taluk screws and your appeal connecting like plastic parts together I always recommend that you don't screw screw in too tight because you could actually damage the plastic.

Just you know once you when you screw down a screw in any knowing it connects in any pieces of class together once you feel that resistance when you get very end the sudden stop the pieces of plastic shoes cure and these guys are pretty assemble the instructions that it comes with a very intuitive I know a lot of people want to split this time to read instructions and to be honest 11 structures nowadays in general sometimes you already written I must admit though distal a chocolate cremeux but I love making videos and I was going to make your life easier you just thing to do just go on youtube and the percent of the instructions in your yard ok.

It's fiction on this door here.

We have to do are simply done and I pushed now the door assembly the hinge that connects into the front piece of car it snaps into place and a half from help and that's a child safety feature right.

So far we have right piece and the door on this side here and this one sorry now maybe the screws going first because the wheel right hand side make sure.

This wheel has those two areas right here doing this yourself it's going to be pretty self-explanatory because once the art school is operated place the old one and I to bind up and I said all the screws are you except the two screws bad news.

I've connected this field here.

I'm going to connect with other wheel there is a little mechanism in here which detects one of your altima Coolidge's for some sound effects.

I'm going to do is this hatch me to slide it in place but what I want to do is make sure that there's an orange tab right here not part of the school w Florange tab.

Maybe just.

That's why it's perfectly in place there.

If you look closely here there's an orange piece of plastic which has to go talk about this.

What i did i just did this side of the wheel underneath the orange is orange tab and it just slides right in place.

Now i have to put screws in the hole here and here. Okay.

Our two wheels at the front these guys don't spin wait a minute and i already put stickers on them and the numbers that i put the numbered stickers on perennials and i have the letter stickers bathroom but whatever you want to rip away s right now what I'm going to do is still close to the count to show you something.

When you open and close the door here.

You can see it right here this little orange piece of plastic goes up and down when I open until the door and while that's supposed to do it's actually going to connect to dashboard of the car and actually creates a sound effect door opening and closing. This is very very cool and everything can be opened all the screws.

Here we have our department and something to see how I put the batteries in now I love about these mute.

Is that it's virtually impossible to take the batteries out.

Small here the deeply separately we'll be able to get the battery.

That's done now what we do is actually put the assembly to slide it into the front I mean it just sits pretty much in there like that turn it upside down and upside down there are four screws one two three and four put those screws in place and that keeps theft word in place right.

We have the dashboard in place with the steering wheel and all that batteries in make sure if it matters you first have the front assembly connected to be left or.

What will you do next will fill the rest of the car.

What else do you have next.

Next I'm gonna just put this Center slower skirts and under the door.

Actually. This is this clip right here shit's nice and at least three school right down there and the thing is I mean instructions that there is well but I always like to find more efficient ways of building things and I find that if I start with the hard farms first get the hardest part of the wafer front all the battery compartment arts and hinges and boards and then the rest of the cars.

It is side of the car that keep them closed off these two pieces now. This is going to be a door to actually be a fixed panel.

What you do looks good about this actually have the whole very in place 1 2 3 on both sides.

The red piece goes on the outside.

Now he slides into some bowls there I put the outer right panel on we do the back piece actually has three 13 and it did pretty much slide into the three problems on the site down here and the sticks in place and then what I do is just close out a loop yell inner panel which slide right in place all the holes are there.

You just make sure the overline slightly place issue like that and all you have to do here on this side let's make sure that the left side of the back it's fits into place along the lower skirt here and what I'm going to do now is I need to have if you look closely on the inner side of the yellow Phalarope you see one two three four five six seven eight then that's nine screws.

It's going to screw night nine screws in here now.

This makes one small adjustment I realize I have to take this out because I need to get access to the screw to the top here.

Good thing if a dashboard is that just slide right hand slide right out and you just put forth with the back in place.

It's going to finish putting this door assembly on here.

I have the right side panel and inner panel in place I've panted it to the back of the car that out the front piece all in place that was a front view of an amount for that one reduce back the dashboard article batteries in and the slice thanks like that and I just attach it to the park for screws there you go and on this side have attached a street on their side attached now these pills I remember to begin to the video I said they're two screws that are perfectly right for reading scripts to Long streams all these screws holding place now the rear wheels actually can spin whereas if front once cut off. All right, what it is is a stationary car but there's a little finger slaughter oh right here to back just one more piece. This is the back side of the part where the gold spinning around.

After the slice slice slice pranks are put in place and there is a space for screen here and screw here.

As you can see you've completed the assembly.

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