Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car Review

Of this toy and what I want to show it came to these three multi colored balls and came with three shapes as well triangle square round cylinder.

As you can see on this side there's other activities at your trial continued on anything booth as you see you can match the shapes triangle triangle spear the cylinder and circle there I mean square and on the inside of door alright see here there's a little hole here at the shape surfboard and your child needs to get access to them and take the neck out and you can play a little bit and then on the other side of car here that's where are these balls come into play your child can actually put the balls cycle hold and what happens is that when you put the balls in the hole here you look inside down you're collecting the bottom top and get X to the bolster the inside or will run they can get access to those colored balls the outside bar as well and then they can play all over again other features on this car as I said at the back of the car there's a little cubby hole where you can store the other toys and it's rather actually spins and makes a nice spin it around and it is cool piece here I love this this actually makes a nice room pretty cool sound a little gas tank now. This is my favorite part the dashboard.

There's a little key here which you can use to turn on and off the car but before I even get to that for you parents there is actually an on/off switch here where you can turn off the sound effects.

If you're watching that sports game or the news and your kid wants to play with this toy they can without interrupting you but when it comes to sounds there are two modes there's there's level one and then if you move the switch all the way up the volume gets even louder.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car Review

There's two most with two to let volume levels.

Let's go to the maximum volume you have a second here now there are three stages 1 2 & 3 3 modes obviously one is when your child at its youngest two is when you're a bit older in threes when you're even more older and you know they can do more things i love this over here is your ignition you can play little whore and over here is the throttle.

Let me just briefly go through full sofa stage 1 let me give you an example of the different features.

Stage one you're going to hear over here you can actually select different music.

It's one two three four counting counting one two three just.

Exact your own meaning no radio for your car these don't perhaps they just light up and you can't really press anything here you just see the lights dancing around on.

That's level one level two.

Of course the vocabulary is a bit more complex course when you turn the steering wheel I'm going to action here as well of course the stage 2 you know you get more more vocabulary will be sunny when my son here is this music he starts to dance I tell you one other thing I'll forgot to show you is that when you open a close the door and another one all the features of this laughing learn smart changes crawl on the car um you know there's it's based on smart stages technology.

That one which I've showed you you know that's where your infant exploratory is around six months Plusle and you know their first words and sounds smart Bates velocity level two is more of an encouragement encouragement one where they're 12 x plus a constant your your child through different questions and give some simple directions and then when you get to level 3 that's when you're like a year and a half old plus 18 months buffs that's where kids imagination play and you know role playing.

That's where you've heard of different types of music and interaction from the car and I must hope this car is stationary and the fact that actually if you look here these wheels don't even touch the ground what they can spin and then those wheels here at the front they don't even move. All right, and you can turn it off as well.

You can your child can still play and you bug bug you if you're watching your TV show or any read a book.

In some recent other features there's 75 singalong songs choosing phrases the interactive baffled lights sounds and physic tivities is there there's a light light up baby GPS you know which is this here and then just built your where the ball plate will show you team three balls and is also shapes and colors on board because show you she blocks triangle cylinder and the circle or sphere to say and you know introduces the baby two letters numbers and colors first woman speaking of stuff and it already helps about their gross motor skills and finally.

I can only chicken you can steering wheel already Gary a terrible or you can turn the key to turn the car on our interactive their own radio site over here and I'm opening the closing door claim with the gas tank and then it will wrap the box a lot your baby can do and of course it needs batteries.

I surely riddles batteries are you use three double a batteries I'll go underneath the dashboard.

It's out of reach of kids and it even has a little compartment in the back we're kids to store their other toy or their special tough teddy bear or whatever so. This is the laughing learnsmarts tedious Colorado heart there's a link at the bottom of this video to Amazon where you can get affordable ease and I strongly recommend makes an excellent first for your child six months 18 months but this phase two lunar year old lesson in here and a half 18 months there's a stage three o'clock. Okay.

You guys have a great day and no feel free to check out Sam's funny vid coms low to our website will you have other point review. Okay, see you later bye.

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