Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Review

Hey everyone that's Holly Schultz from baby's mom I have a special helper with me today to help me show you the new fisher-price left and learn crawl brown car this one is new for the season and I know it's a little early to talk about the holidays but to know it better is too early because going into September I know a lot of you are going to be looking for the hot holiday toy.

We are starting now and or start the fisher-price now like I said. This is a cute card it's a stationary car now one thing I do want to tell you that if it's on wood floor it is going to slide around because obviously it's a toy.

If you keep it on carpet that's kind of stationary if you have a really small child let's say they're just learning the stands definite like I said put it on the carpet because they are gonna how to fall if they lean against it but this guy he's pretty stable on his feet.

He can stay in a no problem yeah the door opens and closes do want to show them that it's for six months all the way to 36 months oh yeah he's almost 18 months.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Review

It's a really great car toy that's going to grow with your child and there are a lot of interactive buttons on the car that they push them fader get the ABCs or talking about the weather or songs. This is really great to a tuba when you want to sit down on the floor and play with your child.

That you can help them interact and things you can hand in the balls in the shade I'm just one of those really good toys for the follower and it's not a huge choice it's not going to take up a ton I know.

You can you know put it away when it's not in use this rack is here. This is going to teach you the weather just going to talk a little bit about Sun and rain and if they move it and he has found the other things that's two pair after second he's found the other things that comes with it comes with shapes or in the door there is a fun shape sorter and three balls for the other side yeah obviously it really likes it.

There's just a lot of different things there's a cute little purple radio right here that plays for different there's work I'm not sometimes it talks to them sometimes it sings to them they are blinking lights up here if they move the steering wheel that is going to start another song if they press the forum that's going to be another song and what I like as a mom is there's a volume control now it's only low and high but units low I appreciate the title of the high that's one's going to be when it's kind of party time I'm still not overwhelming it's not going to be blaring from the toy for the holidays. This is going to be a really hot toy you might regret early because if you're turning West a baby or a toddler this what's going to keep them busy.

They might fly off the shelf.

You know I'm going to say that it's going to be hot for a holiday.

We're going to want to grab it again it's called the fisher-price I can learn crawl around car comes with the different shapes you see the shapes sorter in the door you got the balls over here that has a little Grampa thing they roll down you can leave your ship and most of it makes noise but not a noise some of the things it teaches your children are numbers letters have the weather in the front right can you turn that they have the weather in the front it also teaches them some first words and really easy first words anytime it's not one of this overwhelming annoying toys but it has enough for the child to play with there are three different modes you can card there is the learning mode the song mode and then the sound effects sound effects slowly each thing that they touch it's a different sound effect.

You have all the songs but I can show it on off it sounds like the motor is starting and the kids they really really like to be steering wheel because it's something to turn and it makes noise when I do it they hit the horn that makes noise as well.

There you go that's our look at the new fisher-price eleven for all-around car don't forget to Like us on Facebook please subscribe to our YouTube channel cuz we're going to show you also a lot of you holiday hot toys that you're going to want to get.

There you go that's my look I'll talk to the next time see you later bye you.

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