Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Learning Center, Excellent play zone + exploration area

All right this review is for the fisher-price to laugh and learn crawl around Learning Centre my son has been playing with this for several weeks now and he likes it it is about two feet tall about here.

When he stands because he's about I would say two and a half feet tall now maybe a little bit less than that.

His head's about up here and his arms are down here and.

He can kind of lean on and play with the stuff on here he uses this as a bridge to get over to the other side he's still a little wobbly.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Learning Center, Excellent play zone + exploration area

You have to kind of keep an eye on keep your hands on him but it's a good kind of standing practice as well the activity things are pretty cool these all come out and as you can see they they trigger sounds and it tells the child what they are it's got body part learning here so. This is for the ear has a little song and has the tummy and foot you could just make a song it's got something for all of the shapes and then up here it's got buttons which are piano keys which also makes sounds and also tells you the colours and what's interesting is if you change this into the different modes.

Level two it starts changing what it says.

Now it's it's getting a little bit more involved now.

Depending on what level you have it on it will change what it does and level three is the highest it goes.

You can see that it's not exactly going up in grade level it's just it's kind of changing it up and it is getting more advanced the higher it goes.

This the level three is meant to be more imagination based but you'll notice in level three these just become piano keys.

That's interesting but level one is where we're at right now.

This side pretty much has the piano keys and it has the shapes and it has the body parts on the little dog a little blog talks then there's this side and. This is the other side of the panel that has noises it's got a little moving son which my son likes it has a little door that makes now noises and they can turn the light switch off and on that gets annoying pretty quickly it's got a little phone my son mostly uses this to chew on but and actually most kids don't know that. This is supposed to be a phone because this doesn't look like they're adult phones but they could pretend like they're making a phone call and it's got a little button here that can pretend like you're talking to someone.

There's that and I'm going to turn that off.

This side doesn't have any interactive electronics but it does have a couple of cool features one of which is it's got this little peekaboo window thoroughly entertained by having something on the other side of that and then you know playing peekaboo it's got this little ball here he likes that. This is still too hard for him to move up.

It'll be when he's older that it's got a little bit too much resistance and it's got a mirror it's got textures you know there's different things and it's got the words for turtle and bird and it's got the ABCs on that other panel.

I mean there's there's different things you can do with it this side is not particularly interesting it's got the little froggy and it's got the little sliding thing it doesn't really do much the other side of the the peekaboo window it's got the monkey down here and I will star it has a little place where you can put a picture you can slide it in over here and that's about it I think. This is a good learning activity Center for you know children that have started to crawl especially children Oh decided to pull themselves up because then they they grab onto things and they're standing on it and they're you know they they use this bridge to get the other side and it's helping them move around.

That's pretty good.

Overall I would say. This is very good for what it's intended for it does exactly what it's supposed to do I don't see anything wrong with it.

I'm gonna give this five stars five stars.

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