Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Review

Hi say. This is a review of the fishin fisher-price laugh and learn puppy and.

Is basically just thought i would have review it and my lil ones got it and been playing with it and I thought I'd review it and then people know and there's any good tease.

Basically you can see it's a nice soft em Teddy puppy there you can see and and basically it has you can see in here you've got felt cry which I went and do it but basically it's got a battery pack inside here.

It's all velcroed up.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Review

It keeps it all still nice and soft.

It won't sort of like there's not like a hard bit that they can sort of like you know hid themselves on I think it fa some and basically it's got quite a few different features.

I'm just going to talk you through you why it does oh and sorry the batteries it takes our double eight matches and.

Just I think it's just one double a battery they takes.

That's quite good for battery yes and.

Yeah basically it's got em it does i think it's 20 different songs that it has on here and it's got em three different learning levels.

The first level is explore and that is from six months plus and.

Basically the first level teaches first words colors and parts of the body and you can alter the levels here on this foot.

You press and hold whichever level you want.

Obviously you would press and hold number one and then everything it does will be connected with level one.

It would just be teaching them basically like say first words colors and parts of the body.

Like to the puppy will just say like ER and tummy and hand and all that kind of stuff and.

That's the first level and then when they're twelve months plus you can move it to the second level and that's like the encourage level.

Basically that starts teaching them to count and colors with black singalong songs those to say no red yellow and all that kind of stuff and numbers and things and then the third level that you have is for 18 months plus and that's called like the pretend level and basically that is them we're.

Sorry baby can enjoy roleplay fun with songs phrases and music.

M yes they're basically it's got all different parts of the puppy that you can press.

You can press i'll show you like the ER and then you just press the buttons like a button like almost sort of see it coming through the material there it's just like a bit here.

Basically you can press that.

Yeah and then it's it because I've got it set on the first level.

That's why it's just telling you what parts of the body are cos obviously that's just the relevant level for my little one and this one just like not got anything on to press there basically it's where it's labeled that they can press.

Anything that's labels they like foot back and and then it's like my hat is well taken today color and then if they press the heart tummy button and but yeah basically when you press the tummy better and it does all like different and there's all that kind of different ones that was singing to them and it will say to me and it also does like heartbeat and different ones like that.

Basically like it's a toy that they could play with for quite a long time quite a few years.

I'd say like it's actually quite a good toy I really like fisher-price products always think the fisher-price are really good for sort of like educational development toys and.

Luckily is quite good toy because it is teaching the alphabet numbers all that kind of stuff but I think it's like a fun way of learning it as well because obviously all babies love toys of teddys.

There's going to be a teddy that they cuddle that they love and they sort of enjoy pain back their nose will grow up with the puppy and they'll like learn with the puppies.

Yeah I think it's quite a nice idea and it's quite a sort of good sized puppets not sometimes you see them and they're like because then the baby and you think boom how's that going to work bit not it's quite a good size on this one and I think it's got.

Many different functions.

There's a lot for them to learn and play with and grow up with.

Yeah I would say. This is quite a good toy if you're looking at you know what toys because i was there are.

Many toys on the market that I know myself that you thinking what toys shall I get well you know what's the best one to have kind of thing but yeah I think this one is fun and also let's just go say the thing was them because when the press is the heart better and it's nice it lights up as well because I looked at some other toys that had like sort of learning on numbers and alphabet and things like that but they didn't have it lighten up and my little one absolutely loves things that lighter that kind of that gets his attention at this level.

Yeah I quite liked that was on the features that I really liked that this lit up when you press it.

And yeah and that lights up when you press the other bits as well.

It's just kind of an extra little thing they it has that I think some of the other similar kind of teddys on the market that do this kind of thing don't have.


Hope this has been helpful and thank you for watching thanks them by.

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