Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages car, playtime review

Buddy. This is Abigail and we are going to do a playtime review of the fisher-price laugh and learn smart stages car we just got this a couple days ago Santa brought it actually.

We haven't tested out all of the stage functions here but we will run it through today.

I didn't do an out of the box review I should have but I didn't it was fairly easy to put together mainly um snapping together and screws it took me 15 or 20 minutes or.

So let's get started with the exterior of the car.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages car, playtime review

As you can see the back wheels turn for playtime the trunk is stationary it doesn't open or anything like that but it doesn't need to because all the fun is up front the shape of the car looks like a little Volkswagen bug super cute.

We'll start with the front exterior it has a windshield wiper that you can turn if you can hear a rainy well that's. Okay, she interrupted that with plain let's see.

Rainy day the super sunny day.

It recognizes when you turn it and talks about the what the weather is going to be. This is the door she usually kind of leaves it open but it doesn't snap clothes or anything as you can see it just has a gap in when you open the door it actually recognizes it and it says open the door the outside has a shape sorter and it comes with the state.

You can put the shape in and then it drops into a little pocket there so. This is the only door that opens the other door does not which I'll show you when we get over there to that other side as you can hear it saying that the door is open and closed and.

The other side of the car I says the store stationary nothing opens on this side of the car it comes with some little balls you can put it into the little sorter and it drops down into the suit and.

For the really ingenious parts of it so. This is the often on switch I'm sorry the power switch and then the volume.

I can put it and put it all the way up for you here or we can hear it and. This is the smart stages that's the smart stages there you can change one two and three we have it on to right now we haven't really experimented with it because we just got it a couple days ago I'm sure three is more for toddler ages and level 3 it'll maybe sounds like more like pretend play something new level 1 let's have some fun soami as you concede know regardless of what stage she will still be fully engaged with the lights and sounds.

The little down it recognizes the car slowing down and notes it we're going faster when we turn the wheel you can see it notices that you turned your will to the left and your turn signal came on and your destination up here changed and same here turn it to the right when your turn signal comes on got a horn all the lights and sounds and over here is your ignition is it not the power switch it's just for fun but it does say car off and a cart on and it sounds like it's starting it. This is a radio yep airs on the radio.

You can see it's very interactive copies coming around and out with all the lights and sounds and is awesome you can't beat it fisher-price did really great with this and I really like it because she.

Abigail six months old she just turned six months old she's sitting on her own already and I really like it because she's still able to sit on on the ground she doesn't have to be you know in a seat or some other device says he's still able to strengthen her back and neck muscles by sitting on the ground but she's able to place he's got this toy around her and she's able to play while still sitting on the ground and i think that's it for the review i think we've covered everything and it's about right time because she's starting to get fussy.

That's it for my fisher-price review.

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