Fitting an electronic ignition to a Ford 351 V8

No we are not going to be fitting an electronic addition to this thing and there's a little bit more work than that instead they're going to fit it to this it says points in it at the moment.

We're going to change a couple of things over please excuse my dodgy props. This is a surface mount microphone but we're going to pretend it's a photocell for now there are a couple of different types of electronic conditions available one uses a pulse wheel mounted on the distributor shaft under the button and as that goes around it breaks a beam of light. This is just an LED.

On off on off on off and that goes through some electronic circuitry and that way you get a sort of on/off status for the coil to fire now these are pretty good in fact some of them are even programmable they're really high-end things but a lot of them use a separate box on the firewall and I wanted to stay away from that use something a little simpler now this works on the same principle as walking in a shop basically ever light source on one side of the door a photocell on the other it sounds the alarm you walk in the shop coupe comes here.

I've gone with the igniter there are several different types of igniter. This is just the basic one there's igniter turning 93 as well and they some of them even pulse several times per cycle.

Fitting an electronic ignition to a Ford 351 V8

They're very good at burning fuel and exceedingly good for high revs but. This is just the basic one and it works on the principle and basically long-lead basically a coil of wire. This is very oversimplified there's a lot more in here than just a coil of wire but a coil of wire and a series of permanent magnets and as I rotate past the coil of wire the magnetic field breaks down in the wire in the coil and produces electricity and that's used to turn the base of a transistor on but as that goes past on/off on/off reproducing very small amount of electricity which isn't enough for the car but transistors are an amplifier and.

It turns the base on off on off on off as returning and breaks off proportional chunks of line voltage and what comes out here is a high-voltage version of what went in there is just an amplifier circuit and then of course it goes through some other circuitry and inverted to a sort of a switch negative 12 volt time off which fires your coil as we gunshots take this up.

Don't start checking timing and.

Forth with a fan and it's a fixed band it was a pretty dangerous.

Here we have our lovely little Ford v8 we're going to use this one today it's going to take the air cleaner off it's got four v they're too big lie attorney a 2 v but I've got to get a decent manifold for it I'll put a hole in for this car but haven't really put you on there.

I'll just flick those little Clips off and move this out the way I might undo that coil and just throw that up there out of the way we can take that off and check and see that we've got the right limit because it'll be a bit of a pain if we didn't a little bit worried about this it doesn't quite look the same the other thing that worries me is the igniter 1 now God they don't stipulate a thermal grease underneath which I find most surprising we're going to take these three out now when you take these out it's really wise to keep them in a sandwich bag it's just all lips out like that and these can be kept in a sandwich bag.

If you're stranded on the side of the road it see if something goes wrong and you're stranded on the side of the road you can just pop these back in and you can drive off again that's the beauty of the igniter it's really really it's good and simple just a really small bit of wax and grease remover here I'm just going to clean up that base plate it's a bit dirty it's most important that it's clean and of course you don't need to have a lubricant on the cam which you do with points because they shave but with the electronic you don't need that they can keep that all nice and clean.

We'll just make sure and the other reason I want these nice and clean is I want to have a good thermal contact for because it doesn't stipulate to use grace on the environment and I fitted quite a few of these Topsy or fitted quite a few of these two British force on the car door and six on the cars they use the Lucas 25 D distributor and that those those unit all use thermal grease. This is the only one that doesn't which we can get nervous good perhaps it's just a better design more efficient and doesn't end up as much anyway, we've got to make sure we put the earth the earth back on like that fingers are going to be in a way to make this I'm just going to make sure it goes in as a gal there it is there. Okay, we can not just take that line off the carburettor yep my weapon I look at me anymore and we can give us a bit more cable there and that will just squeeze down into that hole what's wrong way there we go nice and tidy how tight is that and of course that little magnet goes on now these have to be adjusted that's touching that's no good you need 30 thousands clearance between there and there and the magnet oh here we go 30 now beautiful.

Clock out rotor button back on alright.

We can put that back on and the next thing with a is resistance they're very susceptible to the wrong resistance in the coil now I have a a new coil for it which is a flame through our 40,000 voltage is a bit scary a lovely new flamethrower.

I can put that on that's the recommended coil to use with the igniter.

You always have to make sure you read register positive and blacks to negative it watch this the transistor will fail they've not all been operative in warranty will be void I'm spilling it check it one orange corn and then negative I think we've only bubble to give me somebody spinner well I've gone over the wiring there's three positives one goes to the distributor ones a power and the other ones for the cider circuit on the alternator that's why there's something though is enough clipped at all a double and triple-checked everything and I think we're good just before i pair it up I just want to make sure I'm just going to read those instructions again just to make sure I'm on the right track right glove check everything out that goes to minus 2r is goes to plus I've got your strap I'm back in there for the young the plate at the pond to City probably connect lenses everything seems to be right on the gaps right there. This is all kosher.

They will give it a kick in the gut gonna let it run for a few minutes and then check the timing and conventional in a conventional way but we'll give it a gun for powers on there we go no dinner I'll come and do the rest later but that's a pretty good result check the timing they're not gonna leave it be all done see you later.

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