FLAWLESS Finishing Touch facial hair remover. How did it do?

The finishing touch flawless facial hair remover looks like a little lipstick case I thought it was cute.

I decided to get it and pull it off have a little cap just like lipstick it's got the little razor on the end and rechargeable on the other side there's a little light use it.

It lets you know that it's on or if you're a dark space as you can see as you can see I have a little bit of facial hair here I have mustache that I've been dealing with since I was a teenager.

I figured that's why we're trying to get rid of it how well does product work that was cute what does it work don't you start off and it's supposed to go in circular motions I did that it seemed like I had to go over it again and again now I've never used a laser on my face and I think that's rude all. This is is just a razor it's cute though it doesn't hurt there's no pain it heats up a little bit but not.

FLAWLESS Finishing Touch facial hair remover. How did it do?

That is hot but after a few passes I did notice that it worked pretty well you know you see my little moustaches disappearing quickly.

It didn't take very long and if I knew what I was doing it probably taking the last bite was it sure how fast the circles to go which part of the apparatus was supposed to touch my face but once I got the hang of it it actually worked pretty well.

If you have a mustache or a beard or any type of unwanted hair I would say give it a shot now it did say it works best on here that is like a quarter of an inch or less.

If you have like really long hair somewhere I don't know how well it'll work but on my mustache it worked pretty well.

I would have to give it a thumbs up overall let me know what you think you.

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