Foiled Vellum Planner Dividers - Therm O Web Deco Foil

Hey everyone its Karissa at sprinkled with glitter thanks for stopping by today today I have a fun project featuring some thermal web deco foil I'm gonna show you how I created these foiled vellum planner dividers and don't worry if you're not a planner girl I am sure you can find a way to use this technique in your card projects or your scrapbooking projects or whatever.

I am going to start by showing you how I set up my files to print I'm in Photoshop Elements here and I've started by creating a new file and I'm changing these dimensions to 4 inches wide by 6 and 3/4 inches tall and. This is going to give me the base for my planner divider now these measurements are based on the width and the size of my planner and what I've done is just added a quarter of an inch to the width to create the tab on my planner divider and I'll show you that here in a bit now for the images on my planner dividers I went ahead and went on Etsy and found some printable quotes that I really liked and I've downloaded those and now I'm opening them in Photoshop Elements.

You can use whatever you want in fact you can create your own printable quotes but I find that something really bold and dark works the best for this.

I'm going back over now that I have those opened and I'm going to my original file and I'm going to create some guidelines on this file for me just.

Foiled Vellum Planner Dividers - Therm O Web Deco Foil

I know where to Center everything up and I'm starting at that left hand ruler and I clicked with my mouse and then just drag over from the side and that gives me that little blue line there and I've lined it up 1/4 of an inch from the right hand edge because that quarter of an inch is what I'm going to be using to create my tabs and I don't want to print anything within that quarter of an inch.

That kind of just creates a barrier for me now I'm also creating a guideline in the center of my printable area.

Once again just went over to that ruler clicked and then drag down or drug across from there and that created that second vertical line and now I'm creating a horizontal line by clicking on that top ruler and dragging down now keep in mind these are just guidelines for me these are not going to prynt.

They just kind of help me know where I'm going to line everything up.

Once I have that all figured out you can see here I have that quarter of an inch blocked off over there and I have a center point on the middle of my printable area I am going to just go into that project bin in the bottom and click and drag that first quote up now I can do two things I can either drag down here from the corner and resize this or I can use the scale percentage over here and I've scaled it down 50% here and once I get this kind of all figured out the size that I need and everything I can just Center it up in the center of my file here.

I've gone ahead and just kept clicking and dragging until I got it into the size that I want it and now I'm just making sure it's centered up in that printable area now remember I don't want to print anything within that quarter of an inch that's along the right-hand side because I'm going to be cutting that off to create my tabs for my planner dividers and I've just zoomed in here to make sure that I have everything centered up the way that I want it once I have that all positioned onto that planner divider sized canvas there I'm going to create a second project and. This is going to be a letter size project.

It's 11 by 8 and a half and I'm going to just go down into the bottom of my projects here click on this layer it up one that I've created the size of my planner divider and just drag it into this eight-and-a-half by 11 project that I've created I'm gonna push it over to the left hand side and then I'm going to go up to this edit and I'm going to outline this now the reason that I'm outlining this and you can change the color of your outline by clicking on this color here.

I'm gonna make it kind of a dark gray the reason that I'm outlining. This is.

That I know where to cut this down when I print it out on my final project here.

I'm just making sure that it's all normal that it's at a hundred percent opacity and that there's no maintaining transparency and you can see that once I do that I have that faint gray line around the project that I created.

I'm going to show you this again I went back into that original project that I created the 4 inch by 6 and 3/4 I deleted the first layer that I created earlier that says believe in yourself II and now I've just dragged at the awesome vibes only printable and I'm centering that on to that canvas once again.

Once I get that all positioned I'm going to click over to this eight-and-a-half by 11 project that I created and then just drag that up into there again.

That I have my second planner divider onto that sheet of paper and once again I'm just gonna outline it.

That I know where to cut I am going to hold down my command key and just select both of those layers and then hit align top edges of these.

That when I go to cut across the top I can make one cut across the top of both of those file plant or planner divider files there.

Now what I've done is I've gone ahead and I printed these out on some vellum now I quickly wanted to show you my planner.

You get an idea of how I've sized everything I use a Filofax personal size Mauldin and I use my own not my own I use a printable file for the inserts that I use here.

You can see. This is my planner. This is it. This is actually how I use it it is not staged. This is my life here on paper and I have previously created these vellum dividers but I decided I wanted to add a little pizzazz to them by adding some foiling with my thermal web deco foil.

I am just kind of showing you through when you print these out on this really good-quality vellum you get a really nice thick vellum I'm using the essentials by Ellen vellum here you can see I've gone ahead and printed all these out now I did not get great prints on all of these and that has to do with my printer and probably the paper that I'm using because it's not really probably designed to go through a laser printer but I was able to make this work now if you wanted to get better printed versions you could probably use a vellum that's designed for laser printers to print these out and if you do not have a laser printer you can take these to a copy center take these files to a copy center and have them print it out there but it is important that you use a laser printer because that toner that's on the paper is what's going to react and cause the foil to bind to the paper.

Here I'm just trimming down my planner dividers here I have a nice trimmer that you can actually see where you're going to cut.

What I'm doing is putting these in the trimmer I'm dropping down that guide bar and then I'm just pushing it over until I just cannot see that gray line and trimming down.

I'm trimming just barely inside that gray line and I've got these all trimmed down.

These all measure 6 and 3/4 by 4 inches and now what I'm going to do is put them in the order that I want them in my planner because that's going to determine where I put the tabs on each of these and I'm going to show you it's really easy to create the tabs once I get them in order I know I want this first file to have the tab at the very top.

I'm lining up this divider at the quarter inch mark remember I added a quarter inch on to these.

That I could create the tabs on these and then I'm going to take my blade and push it all the way up just until the 1 inch mark.

I stopped at the one inch mark and then I'm going to pull this out of my trimmer and I just use a pair of scissors to cut straight across there and that gives me my first tab now to work the tabs down the side.

That you get them staggered this second file I'm going to once again line up with the quarter inch and this time I'm going to cut all the way up from the bottom or actually I'll start at the top here I'll cut down from the top to the one inch mark I will stop pull up my blade take it down to the two inch mark and then finish trimming out.

Now I have my tab kind of staggered down from the first one and I'm going to continue this with all of these moving it down one inch each time.

For the next file what I'll do is I'll trim down to the two inch mark I will stop my blade at the two inch mark pick up my blade skip down to the three inch mark and then finish trimming and that gives me my tabs and I'm going to show you here how they all kind of stagger down once I'm done.

Now I have all the tabs created on my planner dividers and now it's time for the fun part we're going to foil these bad boys now I have the thermal web deco foil here these are my favorite foils they are really easy to work with they come in a variety of patterns and colors. This is the rainbow one and I bought the value pack because it is.

Much fun that I decided five sheets of that was not enough and I wanted to show you some of the new foils that thermal web has come out with so. This is a watercolor foil here it's the LA piece watercolor I believe and I'm going to have all the tools and supplies listed in the description below at YouTube as well as over at my blog now. This is the summer sunrise it is gorgeous it's a mixture of like this hot pink and gold and orange and here is another one of the watercolor foils that they just released and. This is the amethyst version now I love this and I'm going to be using it on one of my projects it reminds me of my grandma purple was her favorite color and.

I'm going to be using that on one of the quotes now my favorite gold from deco foil is the champagne color.

I actually have more than just a few of those sheets because I like to keep them on hand and I store them in these project ticket holders or something like that I don't know I'll link them in the description I can't remember what they're called.

I have my rainbow foil here and I'm just cutting off a piece that's large enough to cover all of the toner that is on my vellum planner divider and I'm taking just a regular piece of computer paper here and I'm folding it in half to create a carrier sheet and I'm going to place the vellum with the printing app and then the foil with the pretty side up on to into this carrier sheet and I'm going to run it through my laminator now I'm using the Royal Sovereign laminator today it has two settings it has a three mil setting and a five mil setting I am using the five now because every laminator and every every just thing is different from thing to thing because everything's not the exactly the same you may have to play with your settings but I'm using the five mil setting I've gone ahead and I've run this divider and the foil through using the five mil setting and now I'm going to show you the magic Here I am going to pull off this foil and boom look at that is that not amazing that rainbow foil on that vellum divider is gorgeous and I wanted to pull it off the white paper.

That you could really see the translucency of this because I as you all know I love vellum there's just something really magical about vellum.

Now I'm moving on to the next one. This is the believe in your selfie once again I'm putting that vellum with the printed side up I'm putting the foil pretty side up on top of it and then I'm running it through my laminator and when I pull this off you're going to see the gorgeous kind of ombre effect that you get with this summer is that summer sunset summer sunrise I don't know foil either way it's summer and it has to do with the Sun and it's gorgeous.

For this one this one says work hard and stay humble and that quote reminded me.

Much of my grandmother I decided to use this amethyst watercolor foil on it and it is beautiful I love the variation in the color that you get with those watercolor foils and I finished off by using this one and it's kind of a negative printable file.

All the printing is the foil area and then of course that middle part didn't have any printing now I did make another one with some champagne foil and this one says dreams don't work unless you do and I decided I wanted to create a watercolor effect on the back of this.

What I've done is I've filed the front already using the champagne foil and I flip this over to the back and I'm using some Copic markers to scribble some color now you can see no rhyme or reason here just throwing on some color don't worry I'm gonna make it look better here in just a second because I know what you're right now it looks like you just scribbled all over the back.

Here's where the magic happens. This is rubbing alcohol and a paintbrush and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to dip my paintbrush into the rubbing alcohol and then I'm going to use that rubbing alcohol to kind of mix and blend these Copic markers on the backside of this vellum now this works because kopecks are an alcohol-based ink.

That gives me two benefits here it will dry on the vellum because it's an alcohol-based ink and also I can move it around with rubbing alcohol and create this really cool watercolor effect and when you flip it over you will see that watercolor through the vellum and you have the foiling on top and it just looks beautiful and I'll have a photo of that at the end of this video.

Be sure to stay tuned.

Once I have them all foiled I have the water coloring done on that one or I should say faux watercolor because there's no water involved I'm going to go ahead and set the watercolor one aside to dry and then I am going to use these laminating pouches to laminate these now. This is going to make these a little bit more sturdy and durable.

That's why I like to laminate them and because I'm using a thicker vellum here. This is a forty three pound vellum these once they're laminated are really nice and sturdy you saw the plain ones that I was using at the beginning of the video and those have held up for several months and they work out really good.

Here now that I have them all laminated I'm just trimming off the extra laminating I'm going to go around all these and just kind of get them real real close to the edge I didn't leave a whole lot of margin with that laminating and then once again because this trimmer is.

Easy to use I can go ahead and skip over that tab portion with my blade and then just use the scissors to trim around that tab don't you just love this watercolor divider I mean seriously it's beautiful I love it it's probably maybe my favorite but I'm not sure cuz I I love the rainbow foil too.

To label these what I'm going to do is use my brother label maker here and I am printing these out on some clear label paper here and I'm just going to add those clear labels on to the tabs the reason I like to do. This is because I can change the writing on the tab at any time by just pulling up that label.

Once I have them all labeled I am going to take out my old dividers here and put in my new ones and what I've done is I've punched them using my punch that I have that goes with my planner and then I've just trimmed from the side into that hole kind of creating a little slit.

That I can just pull these out and in as I need to.

I don't have to open the Rings now to pull these out because there's little slits in the side.

Here are the finished versions awesome vibes only in that gorgeous rainbow foil believe in your selfie in that Summer Sun foil I have this water colored version that has the champagne foil with that faux watercolor on the back of the vellum I have the work hard stay humble sentiment in that gorgeous amethyst watercolor foil and then finally the shine on in the rainbow foil again and I just love the beautiful shine and color that these add to my planner now as I mentioned before even if you're not a planner girl I think that this foiled vellum technique and that watercolor technique is something that you could really use in your card-making or your scrapbooking.

Be sure to try that out as always I will have links to all the products used in these projects over at my blog at sprinkled with glitter comm where you can see more still shots and find more information and there is also information on a giveaway over there I am giving away a thermal web deco foil prize pack.

Be sure to head on over there to enter as always I will have links to the featured products in the description at YouTube and be sure that you leave a comment below and tell me which of these dividers is your favorite because I'm having a hard time deciding as always thanks for watching and until next time I hope you have a fabulous day.

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