Food Review: Campbell's Keurig Soup

Just like to adjust our hair and we cannot good of me because every time we do a food or of your boys just like. Okay, hang on I just gonna make sure I look. Okay, I'm looking kind of shaky here I need to get a haircut anyways hey guys welcome back we've got another exciting food review it's been.

Long since we've had a regular food review that's true it's been like months almost in a long time. Okay.

We've got some exciting items up for you we've got two items today in the kg and Kirby food review no sadly Kirby one of them I'm afraid you may have to sit this one out if you want to I look to the ingredients and it's not it's a vegan or vegetarian friendly.

It's. Okay, i'll let you review it when you think of keurig what do you think of you think of coffee you think of tea maybe hot chocolate maybe a cappuccino something like that but now I various companies are kind of branching out into different areas there they're saying hey we can make stuff with cure egg it's gonna be kind of cool i present to you keurig campbell soup soup from your cure a isn't that incredible what the heck yeah.

Cure egg is now making soup I know it's a little bit different like not all the ingredients are inside the cake up you've actually got two pouches per serving you've got the cake up obviously that has that the broth. Okay, and then the other one that has the vegetables and the soup and the noodles and that sort of thing in there is getting.

There you go again lets you get a look at that there and yeah it's kind of living in like 20 20 right now you know just like yours ahead in the future.

Cold soup from a Keurig but alas it does have a small amount of a chicken and chicken product in there and.

Kirby I'll let you take this one alright let's go to the lunch room right now and let's try the Campbells curate soup alright.

Here we go we've got the key right here again campbell soup keurig brand new 60 calories per serving and i think it's a fantastic idea a little pricey though you're looking at about seven dollars for a pack of six of these.

You know whatever the price is right convenience is right.

Let's check it out the packaging looks like this you got your k-cups right there and then you have a separate package with the vegetables and the other stuff and.

Here's what they say them they say they say run a cycle where it's just hot water just to get the coffee flavoring out of there.

Coffee chicken coffee flavor chicken suit might be kind of gross.

Let's do that and let's do a small thing of hot water without anything in there just to get the coffee out of there let's do this see you later that we got all the coffee and they're kind of gross. Okay, perfect ok coffee's out let's do this let's put this stuff in there as well they're noodle action they're all good noodle and vegetable mix look at that it kind of looks like coffee coming out of there. All right, there you go now it says let this sit for about two to three minutes and then it's going to be ready to enjoy.

Let's go back to the studio right now let's try the other item of the kg and Kirby food review at the end of it all we'll see if the Campbells cure egg soup is worth checking out and buying for yourself and we're back with item number two which I have no idea what it is. All right, now of course if you know Kirby you'll know that she's a vegetarian and she's kind of leaning towards vegan status you really working at it and.

Vegan status means that basically just all animal related items are pretty much off limits and.

I i doing pretty good at that.

This one's gonna blow you away. Okay, but I guarantee it is a vegan product good we got the new Guinness rich beef and chili flavor flavored potato chips. Okay, that can't be vegan or vegetarian go ahead check it out hey let me just take a look at the ingredients here buh-buh-buh-buh-buh suitable for vegans. Okay, the last time we had like any beer chips cuz you we have guinness and chips we've ordered a guinness beer chips but now. This is a new flavor rich beef and chili. Okay, alright.

There you go oh wait the smell smells like rotten beef. Okay, there you go definitely a dark it's a kind of a kettle cooked chips really crunchy you can tell it's kind of got some solid pneus do it there at Cheers I don't know I love it I absolutely love it it really does have a hint of Guinness and kind of a beefy flavor to it maybe that's why I don't like eggs I'm like what is that it's nothing to write home to mom about mmm. This is.

Good. All right.

It's a little salty obviously as you could expect from some potato chips um meet by Burke's which is a UK company so. This is an imported product from the UK well we love the UM this bag was two dollars.

It's a little pricier than a regular potato chip is it's like the smallest bag ever that's right so. This is a almost like a 40 gram bag you another what are you good I think I'm good. All right, I'm good I'm excited to uh to see how your soup turned out real rich beef and chili chips by Guinness. All right, let's try the Campbells cure egg soup available now I'm gonna let you do the honors since I can't have this because it has chicken in it smells very good though I will be honest. All right, which.

Good Carrie looks like we should be there you go it's what it looks like mm-hmm bottoms up cheers Cheers tastes like coffee for a job yeah oh god I can't imagine chicken noodle soup mix with caffeine or a good idea you know what. Okay, I gotta give campbell's I'm sorry whoops Oh take I gotta give Campbell's credit for trying to be ingenious and trying to take advantage of you know something like that I mean it it seems in theory to make a lot of sense let's put soup in there let's try our product in there but realistically you know an s-curve you sent for the amount of time it takes to make this product not they're convenient it's not necessarily convenient and they already have instant cup of soup like it is the same thing really except that doesn't taste like coffee whereas this does yeah and unless less you know maneuvers and putting this in putting that in and yeah and expensive.

Keep in mind six dollars it's actually close to seven dollars for six servings of the campbell soup and.

I mean it is good if you're a huge Campbell Soup pan if you want to try it for the novelty by all means go right ahead but I I can't in good conscience give us strong recommend to this product but I'll enjoy it.

There you go guys that has been another episode of the kg and Kirby food review and until next time Kirby make sure that your fire alarms are up to date the batteries are changed oh and one final thing you know what to do screencap see you later guys you.

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