Freetress Equal DANITY Wig Review

Okay also today I'm back with another wick review in today doesn't she look familiar yes I have reviewed her before yes I review her and I believe that jet-black number one.

Today I have her in the oh2 two seven one four four.

For you guys that are new to my channel or maybe didn't get a chance to watch the other Danity video the one I get is in jet black I will get freaked details of the week.

Again this one has two cones in the front one in the back the capsized. Okay, it's not a snug snug as I would like it to feel me.

Freetress Equal DANITY Wig Review

There's a bit roomy and guys I do have a huge hit.

If you have a smaller yet maybe you could use bobby pins but again I know people with smaller head.

We're getting away with this way it's just fine.

Again she is pretty long she comes probably they rate their uh knee to right at my rib cage and she's very beautiful look at the curl like ladies look at let me see there we go they love Danny D.

Much that's why I decided to give her another color because she we got through some times together sleeve did a lot my identity in the dark color it is starting off a bit shiny just to tap it but I just I didn't have to put baby power powder honey and once I wore it a little bit the shine went down I didn't watch or anything I guess after some paddle brush it it took the sign out I don't know don't quote me on that shiny then I would like it to be.

What I wouldn't do I just want to come and let you guys see it fresh out of the bag.

You can see what you guys want perfect scene and if you get chose to do this color again there is about four inches of party more of the color it is dispersed throughout as you can see here color is dispersed throughout the week it's not just in the front and you see I think this color here gonna compliment a lot a lot of skin tone.

Once I get this shine out ladies I'll be rockin she's not being like you're not gonna have any track showing seen the tracks I turned around with in the mirror I'm good to go and guys I didn't squeeze the part again I'm coming to you exactly as I got the week the only thing I did was do some brushing.

The identity you didn't see they're fresh out of the bag my dark color ones that I did but do I will link it here where you guys can go watch it.

You can see how she looks in the darker color as well I want to give you guys some writing because I wanted it variety I wanted to see how we look and how the lighter color looked insanity so. This is her guys just showing telleth Danity she's very soft if I didn't say.

Already no tangling of course she's not somebody alright guys thanks.

Much for watching if you have any questions in here don't be scurred to comment down below I'll answer them back I do answer bad guys again don't forget to comment like and subscribe.

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