Fried Cashewnuts( tale kaaju) Recipe By:- Chef Shaheen

Good evening this is shiny shiny with once again a new recipe today I am making with tea cashew nuts fried they are very simple yet is great and one of my favorite snacks since my childhood so come and have a look how to make it at home just like you get in the markets to prepare fried cashew nuts this is desi ghee or clarified butter 2 tsp 2 to 3 TSP heat in a war they are high in calorie so we should consume in small amount we can store them in an airtight container fry them cool them and then store them he is heated up slow down the flame and cutter nationals they are about 100 grams of cashews and we have to fry them on medium to slow flame till they become golden brown they should be cooked from inside also see they have changed their color looking so beautiful and it took very little amount of key it is all separated we will take them out on tissue paper extra oil will be absorbed then we will sprinkle the masalas and this is the tip to fry them on slowly now we can put off the flame he is still hot just leave them for a minute and now this is black salt or Colin amuck or rock salt this is black pepper black pepper powder or college powder and this is plain salt a white salt holdin troponin just taste one is they are tasting wonderful exactly like you get in the market and they are so simple to prepare very tasty cashews are ready to have them with tea enjoy them and do let me know how did you like it and to subscribe the channel so that you will be able to see new recipes every day
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