Frogs Feet interview

For the interview of an entrepreneur I decided to interview my dad um he's been an entrepreneur since 2000 and he was working from home for a while and then he had to go back to work because sometimes that just happened you know he needed to make more money um and then in two thousand he started Orban designs and he started designing products from his company some of his products include a beach buggy and he also invented a scrubbing back pillow both what she has patents on and his biggest and newest invention is frogs feet suction cups he markets them on Amazon and he's working for other companies to build the product and hopefully get them on the shelves of companies such as Home Depot um what I learned from his daily life is that he's always setting goals and I know that I have to do the same thing because you're the only person that's keeping yourself in check when you're an entrepreneur if you're not keeping yourself in check then you're not going to get anything done he constantly has notebooks being filled up with goals that he has set for the day and when I interviewed him he told me how he wished she had a couple more long-term goals and they kind of went back to his business plan to see what he was doing um I think that's a big part of it just having goals and being able to say well this is what I want to do and this is where I want to go over time um so the next part of like being entrepreneur is testing the products and testing out if your business is going to work and he goes through that process constantly when I asked him the question what's the weirdest thing you've ever done being an entrepreneur he told me the weirdest thing he does is when he's alone he's constantly playing with glues and polymers so um if you can't get to his lab he'll just melt things and who backyard to test things out and he says the neighbors probably think he's completely crazy but it's just something that you have to do as an entrepreneur you really have to put your all into it and you ought to not think of what other people are going to judge you as and what other people are going to think of you as so this is just a small little testing video that he did um he used that video not only as like a fun marketing thing like a video for his company but he also used it all over the place people love it dumb you really see like how his product works and it just adds a little bit more fun into the company he's always doing obviously more serious testing in the lab and everything but um when you see something like this you know you really see that entrepreneurs go and do creative things to try to promote their business and who they're all about um his motivation which I thought was really interesting was nothing in the world can take the place of persistence townsville not nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb education will not the world is full of educated derelicts persistence and determination alone are omnipotent the slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race I love this quote that he gave me because I see his little cartoons that he always puts up around the house and I was really glad that he shared this with me because it's really in depth and it shows that no matter who you are you can make it and he even told me that one of his awards that he got the Connecticut inventor reward almost feels um more important to him than his degree so just knowing that he's good at what he's doing and that's why he should be an entrepreneur and that's why he should keep his business going is super important and I'm super glad that he feels that way and I hope that I can use that slogan press on to really build my business in the future um I love this quote as well like a lot of you know of average person that's in entrepreneurship for the long haul I mean we always talk about we come up with bar napkin ideas in class all the time you know we're writing down what this would be great but then to make that dia happen is hard and you know you really have to have drive and you really have to believe that your product is the best thing in the world so I learned a lot from this interview I love this little benefits of being an entrepreneur graph I guess and you know it's just taking your good ideas and really turning them into something that you can make a company out of em that you can make money out of so that was my interview thank you
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