Fuel pump repair for a 1999 S10 4.3 vortec, and WHY THEY FAIL


The fuel pump came in and it's kind of neat normally this part here.

Anywhere between 300 to I got quoted $70 at the GM dealership for this whole assembly you can actually buy a kid when it comes with the pump new strainers you know hoses connectors and other parts that if you need them you can use to adapt it to your application I'm just in the middle of throwing this one back together I just cut the old hoses off there with the razor blade and and these cutters here. This is the old pump now if I put power to it it fires up but it sounds pretty sick I think maybe the bearings are shot inside of it this sounds like it's rattling a little bit I'll fire that up and show it to you I've got my handy probe tester here from princess Otto things of the Spirit struggling.

It sounds like this thing is pretty much poached as I suspect because it wouldn't work at all what I'm going to do it's kind of interesting it's got this roll the sort of canister assembly unless the plastic part must slip in from this end to the tapered part here where it seats and then they press this end and it rolls over and seals the unit.

Fuel pump repair for a 1999 S10 4.3 vortec, and WHY THEY FAIL

What I'm going to do and then yeah they must have solder this terminal block on here because that looks like it's a separate sort of assembly I'm going to peel the bottom off of this thing and have a look inside just to see how messed up it is also I noticed when I was putting this one together. This is the new pump already in here I noticed that it had the ACDelco logo on the side of it and a part number whereas this one here doesn't.

I wonder if this assembly is just a no-name that someone bought at one point and it died the trucks got 230 something thousand kilometers on it.

It must have been replaced at one point if not maybe the OEM one doesn't have a Delco logo it could be that maybe only the replacement pumps do I'm not sure. Okay, there it is the only real trouble I had was getting this line here on to the fittings but I did like the guide said online put a little bit of grease on there heat it up with a heat gun and she slides right on if you can stand running your fingers a little return I think hose or return valve hose just just pushes on there you don't need to heat that guy up at all let's make it in there like that nope like that.

This guy is all done ready to go back in I'll get to it tomorrow it's like time right now I'm gonna see what time it is maybe quickly tear into that thing. This is actually gonna be a lot easier than I thought. This is a soft aluminum body here and just peel this right off.

That's kind of neat just peels right apart that metal body peeled off like a fucking potato which is about all this thing's good for at this point pulls right apart oh look you can see the brushes is that ever cool holy fuck is that thing ever worn that's why these things go I guess. Okay, notice something here where's that brush right I bet you that's what failed on this thing here this brush probably worn right out more right out I'll see if I can pull them right out that's interesting my fuel goes right past the brushes you think there'd be arcing there but I guess as a sealed unit it probably doesn't I doesn't explode what is interesting well that's it completely disassembled like I said that has to be what the failure was there might have been bearing fatigue to these these bushings and the ends could have been loosened and caused it to roll around in there. Okay.

Field bumps in I've just got it hooked up real quickly to the power I had to get a new connector I screwed up this one here testing and I'll just slaughter those joints on these two here for the fuel pump level our fuel tank level we just cycled in a bunch and purge the air out of the system quieter a pump and the other one was obviously because the other one was worn right out kind of give it a spray down underneath here tried to clean that out the down tire releases seized right up.

If Mr Sarkozy would like to hold my camera yeah I guess I could why. This is a different camera well it's the same good. Okay, but exhaust is out you got me here oh she had some dry lifter noise but you should have seen a water fire out of your exhaust noisy left here yeah well it has been sitting for what a month no to three weeks it's not that bad you got oil pressure what have to good thing John Hufford fun part jerky I know we'll get the Camila's by the time I get I know I was thinking I was just gonna take off yeah first to it probably eat that yeah Manji you got it running.

Technically we can come back and do this after that's if you want to go take your trucker what yeah Vegas could do that for a booth yeah come back splice this thing up properly oh it's good though be honest don't worry about that lipstick tonight that's door tell us your oils own my favorite down worried me that I could hear from the bottom end you really wasn't sitting too long I've had sitting just as long when I went out of town for work. Okay, I remember it's two weeks or three weeks.

Time really fucking flies but anyways it's old when you're no motor was new look I came out of a early 2000s one yeah really the mid-foot Mendoza's alright well that's it for now I guess oh how close to your old I already did.

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