Hey guys! welcome to two new parents calm today I'm pretty excited to share with you top-rated toy for 2013 this one is called the fisher-price laugh and learn crawl around car and it's been as i said before top-rated toy according to toys r us for this year.

It's talking to us right now a couple tips before I tell you what features one you can tell that it's on a che grout carpet my son's eat months old and I don't feel comfortable with putting it on anything else because it does move a little bit.

If your son is equal or daughter Zeebo they're older and they can stand competently then I think it would be. Okay, on a different surface but for the younger guys definitely a rug is best. All right, we're going to move over here i'm going to show you the dashboard and as you can see it has many car features which is super cute and it has the three settings if you're familiar with the laugh and learn line you got your teacher mode or learning mode music and sound effects.

I'm going to keep it there going to show you what it does the radio. Okay.


Lots of fun there according to according to a fisher-price they say that there's 75 plus songs nurseryrhymes sound effects and sounds in general.

Lots to do you can see how this would really keep your your baby busy inside you've got a ramp your baby can be busy playing with that while they're inside the car and then on the outside there's a car door that opens and there's a sorting activity that they can have fun playing whist they put the shapes through the slots there and there's a special way. Okay, and then i'm just going to go to the front show you another feature ok.

The front of the car has a weather forecast feature if they can move around pretty cool.

That's it in a nutshell one other thing before I say goodbye to you I want to let you know that my opinion of it my opinion is I love that you can have your baby learning as well as moving.

They combined both with this toy which is.

Nice to see very refreshing.

They can move around the toi they can crawl they can stand there essentially learning their gross motor skills as well as learning you know your numbers your ABCs and you know common sight words or common words that they'll hear.

Love that I can do all of that and thanks for watching guys give it a thumbs up if that helped you in any way and go check it out it's going to be a popular one for Christmas gifts or just toys in general this year by.

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