G4ME ONE vs. G4ME ZERO Headphones Sennheiser - Review

Hey guys!.

I have now been testing out and reviewing in these two head headphones here from Sennheiser the game one and also the game 0 headset here or headphones with a microphone here on the side that you can take down and if you want to mute it you can just take it up.

I've been reviewing them in separate videos but this video just want to go over my final impressions here which I which one I did enjoy the most.

The key difference here between these two is that one has a closed acoustic design another one has an open acoustic design and game one has an open acoustic design well basically that means is that. This is the game one variant it means that when you have these put on you will hear you will hear your own voice if you start talking you will hear yourself very clear you will have people in your that is running you would hear your voice pretty clear compared to the closed acoustic design.

That is one of the key differences here.

When when did I enjoy these I actually do enjoy these most when I was listening to music and they're probably more a little bit for laid-back per usage in your home and it's pretty cool actually when you can hear sound surrounding you but also here the sound will come from the headphones were very clear from your computer.

I do enjoy that a ton and they also have the same kind of material here at the top side which I do enjoy a ton same here 3 3 meter cable and the same count of 2 3 and 1/2 millimeter connectors in terms of specs they are also pretty pretty familiar you can see here the material difference on the closed acoustic design you get this like classical material here and when did I enjoy these the most. This is probably going to be good for LAN parties if you don't want to hear people that much in your surroundings then these will be pretty amazing because we these put on in the eyes endanger these more while gaming because you need to hear like details in terms of gaming but when I was playing the sound like music and stuff I actually did prefer these because it's a little bit more laid-back and you know you don't need to have that super closed acoustic design you can also see a pretty cool design here right and left you don't get that on that version but the same kind of microphone here it seems.

That is definitely a good thing these have also in impedance 150 ohm versus 50 ohm on that one which I'm not sure if this can make a massive difference problem out and weight is almost the same the one is load less 300 grams this one is around three hundred and twelve grams but very very familiar and lot of aspects and.

To sum it up these for gaming and especially at LAN parties these a little bit more laid-back for sound and stuff.

I mean checking them out also if you want to check out those quick little videos about them with the hitman game here it's been playing it a little bit and being chickened out.

Yeah just quickly look here have a great thing.

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