Garbanzo bean Patty in Happy living with Healthy Cooking

Hey guys. This is free yo welcome to another episode of happy living with hella cooking being a mom preparing school lunch is always a challenge and that's the reason I plan myself well ahead.

I can prepare a nice healthy meal I bet some of their thinking what to pack for tomorrow school lunch and don't worry watch this recipe and back something nice and healthy weight children tomorrow a special ingredient is garbanzo beans also known as chickpeas it's fully loaded with proteins I'm making garbanzo patties I'm very positive vegans and vegetarians will definitely appreciate this garbanzo patties let's get started I've got oil bread crumbs salt cumin powder red chili powder and garbanzo beans one red onion finely chopped 3 stalks of celery finely chopped 1 big carrot finely chopped bunch of cilantro chopped 8 cloves of garlic minced and one line the skillet is hot I'm adding the garlic first you don't have to overcook the vegetables just sauteed until it is tender I really want the crunch of vegetables in my patties and next goes the onions now add in celery and carrot together I'm adding a teaspoon of red chilli powder teaspoon of cumin powder also salt taste sorry the vegetable until it is tender do not overcook these veggies vegetables all done let's make a patty in a mixing bowl I have added three cups of cooked and drained garbanzo beans mash the garbanzo beans it has to be nicely done you can use food processor to do this till I prefer using my measure.

I don't have to clean the food processor see now I have mashed my garbanzo beans really well it's time to add all the good stuffs in there I'm adding half a cup of breadcrumbs to it and cilantro the sauteed vegetables and lemon juice I love it tangy I'm not adding salt at this point because I've added salt while cooking the garbanzo beans and also i added salt while sorting the vegetables.

You can always stick check the taste before making the patties I would call this acid Oh see it's the consistency of the dough if you think your mixture is little moist you can add more broad comes to it to make it form I made eight patties out of the dough brutal is hot let's shallow fry these babies I love this whistling sound these bodies are perfectly getting cooked I want my patties to be nicely roasted brown in color it's time to flip my patties if it was the color and looking for you can wait like a couple of minutes on each side you would know the texture when you start working the patties or perfectly getting roasted while flipping the patties be gently because. This is very soft you don't want to break your patties apart patties are nicely done let's take these guys to the table lunch is packed I'm sure my kids are gonna be really excited this afternoon to have this lovely meal this party can be used for sandwich or eaten asses along with Maya or kitchen why should only kids have fun why not mami I'm going to dig in it's.

Good the chickpeas along with a garlic and all the crunchy vegetables have blended.

Very well. This is a perfect dish you guys should try this recipe and be a supermom don't forget to subscribe you'll be the first one to be notified when I upload a new video we'll see you another episode until then is happy living with hella cocaine garbanzo patties yeah.

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