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Hi this mat with today we'll be showing you how to repair your plants remember anytime you work on an appliance make sure it's unplugged or the circuit breakers are off.

There's no chance of electrocution also make sure you turn off your hot and cold water supply in this video we're going to show you how to change out the capacitor it's going to be a very easy repair and should only take a few minutes to show you how to do it if you already have one of these great if not you can click on the link below or get it out when you open the package you're going to get a new capacitor main reasons you'd be changing the capacitor is if the motor won't start and it just hums the capacitor supply is a little bit of extra voltage to get the motor going on initial startup the first thing we have to do is to remove the control panel it's usually held in place by two screws they're located in either the front or the rear of the control panel some models have trim covers that you have to lift off to gain access to the screws and on other models they have spring clips they have to slip a putty knife underneath to release them once you have your screws out slide the control panel forward about a half an inch and lift it back over the back of the machine with the console out of the way we have to go ahead and disconnect the lid switch and remove the two retaining spring clips that hold the body to the frame with a flathead screwdriver pry them out next we have to go ahead and remove the body from the frame of the washer.

We have to lift up on the lid and grab body right here put your foot against the body of the machine tilt the body back to about 45 degrees and carefully lift it off the washer now that you have the cabinet off the washer you have access students out of the machine to change out the part now that we have the cabinet off we have access to the inside of the machine to get the capacitor out it's fairly easy there's a little plastic bracket that you have to pry on at the very bottom to release the capacitor another way of the capacitor out of the bracket we go and pull the wires off they just pull straight up there's no tab or anything to release them here's the little capacitor next to the new capacitor if you already have one of these great if not you can get it out we do have to change the foam shield over to the new one because this protects it from water carefully pull the old foam off the capacitor and go ahead and wrap it around the new capacitor if it doesn't stick right you may have to get some double-sided tape or something to hold it some rubber cement to hold it onto the new capacitor now that the new capacitor is ready to be installed we can hook up the wires they just press on and in this case it doesn't matter which wire goes where you can put it on either connector you have to flip the capacitor over let's take it back up in its little holding bracket and then with your flat-head screwdriver you have to pry that little tab down again and press the capacitor into place now that we're finished with the repair we can go ahead and put the cabinet back on the machine put the cabinet back on the machine we do it the same way we took it off grab the cabinet tilt it to a 45 degree angle and swing it back onto the washing machine when you're sliding the body back onto the frame make sure you get the lower lip underneath the frame and then lower down onto the for locking tabs.

Just go ahead and hook the clips onto the back panel and with your flat-head screwdriver push them down into place reconnect the lid switch to close up the console all you do is rotate it forward over the front of the machine make sure the locking tabs lock in place pull it back about a half an inch and replace the screws now that you have the machinery assembled you can go ahead and plug it back in turn the water back on and take it for a test spin thanks for joining us for another successful repair brought to you by check out our other repair videos on our site Facebook and YouTube you.

Get now 285753A Genuine Whirlpool Heavy Duty Clothes Washer Washing Machine Motor C Deals

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