Giant Chocolate Candy vs Normal Sized Candy REESES & HERSHEY KISS

What's up god yeah welcome back to my channel today I have a gift over at my video and it's my cousin Brooke say hi Burt hi I'm not some giant kid eat and I need help eating it first let's start with the recess we got some regular mom anthem eggs.

Let's start with the red little ones first we both got a record let's try it oh look oh my gosh either the peanut butter pie really peanut butter either a peanut butter cup yeah or should I say me hmm sorry guys I don't want Peter better well guys work was like that one but I sure did.

What mine is white chocolate it's.

Ill probably be better sorry I stuck to the little paper bags well guys Brooklyn already took advice a few moments later died apparently there's more chocolate on bees.

I think I'll like them or clinically you like them yeah I love them they want another place these are way smaller but these ones will braid bigger because you could just mean it that's how I did it or doesn't stop. All right, you all this I'm not sure it will taste good mmm chocolate that's weird me too hmm hmm I put my name on you don't use a peanut butter part these are all something tasty and yummy I think we need a third opinion the big ones - winner took a time later by the way if the stickers cherry. Okay, guys before we try these ones let's meet the big one little ones first can you help transport them here's the fourth it open well these are amazing let's try the bigger one though well guys this has more teeny suckers in here.

We're not gonna have these because we already tried the little Stoppers.

Let's get on to the next drop one for the big little interest Emily yeah Trinity yummy is it gonna be yummy to Brooklyn they don't have peanut butter and trust me Trinity you don't have to be such very well they don't have peanut man they don't have peanut butter they're delicious even right if they had a nut butter and I'm gonna know more oh that's a big one here let's get the opening it is a heavy no it's not wool well you know we're just guys just look how huge that is let's put milk in it no dice visual see always puts milk and chocolate.

I wanna see how delicious it tastes when my dad probably move down the way it's night still alright guys let's try drink yeah Brooklyn can try it first no fighting she'll say stuff tastes normal I never drink is a delicious these are waking earth than the live ones way better another Union advocate again what nothing meet you looks delicious Darcy Elsa regular cami this this thing bless insist on birthday is the little suckers thanks for watching this was awesome it is.

Cool come down below tell me what your vivid the John Candy are the regular candy she iooked back oh yeah bye guys.

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