GIANT CHOCOLATE REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS - Kinder Surprise Eggs - Jelly Beans - Hello Kitty - TOYS

Oh my god - they really open up we see to be a bar giant Cup.

The two half pound cups forever and time and we're going to open up this jelly belly inside out emotion jelly beans COO oh we got sadness anger disgust fear and you oh and also we've got this you warheads.

They're like a little stick and dip into the sugar and supposed to be hmm and we all the Gunners and prizes we got ho Kitty and paw patrol and we got two kinder surprises.

I better paw patrol fashion and a Kinder Surprise oh and I gotta help confession how was his best for last oh I got this guy I don't know who he is favorite rifles oh yeah you're cycling up if you know this comment down below please and I got Cinderella hostage here take it.

Here it here Cinderella my lover dress by the way.

I got this and I can you surprise I think it's Aurora the Princess Aurora Kitty or doll not sure if it's a dog or a cat but it's.

Cute in together Amir you are right that we're gonna get this one oh yeah I guess everything get that when I was right.

Here's how kitty I love how could he she's like my favorite character and then here is her frog suit with a little bull always Kabul we open up the new warhead sour dippin hooker packs you're ready got this Albania a little bit sour watermelon now I'm going to open up sour cherry are you ki there you go and this one's blue by the way hey my lovely it says warheads there's no stick. Okay, I already got a stick with no dip and I only got powder.

I think what I have to open to put another one - I think yeah even is one energizer that's our no but very good. Okay, I love it we have to we have to make your first bite kind of a sour it's really sweet it's really sweet back one is I don't really taste in here it's not sour but I like it it's just a kid not even candy that's I like it it's got a whisk I like it I'll eat it now I'd open up the motion goes.

Here we got joy sadness anger disgust and fear here is happy days lemon feeling blue berry blue on fire flute sizzling cinnamon sour apple and grape soda here we go whoa it comes in a gold package yeah that's Oh shiny except this one is I'm not anger. Okay, I'm gonna taste my I try to guess it. Okay, ready yeah you really know what no I don't I have you what how about I. Okay, good idea how are you here.

I got lemon berry blue sizzling some it sour apple or quicksort oh my gosh I saw out yeah I just our last one future choices is that and I taste it after oh you don't like it they just get 10 points in nope it was grape soda let me taste this no I'm hideous no no but I don't like it um that was one of beers jellybeans and that was not good no wonder really I don't like it that's where we go wasn't there wasn't that was it was really gross have that sensitive is our Apple sour apples really good oh my god and discuss them I tried to be honest I would try the one in this session.

It's sour I think that was really good now I taste it. Okay, now let's try to guess these three. Okay, ready culture either these three oh that was cinnamon of course that was.

Thin America's that was.

Cinnamon it's all spice tea. Okay, look stronger later mm-hmm I hope you do this to father Jason women I'm curious m'kay I'll have to tinkle I don't like the the one from fear or the one from anger but now it's both tried the last one bearing fruit three this was from sadness it's pretty big blue I read very slow down work still akin sorry yes moving on now we stay the best for last was it open up the milk chocolate we see - peanut butter cup this house is like Chris what grave liquid group the bed. Okay, who cares our package is anything for enjoy almost like sugar. This is way too much for one each for both of us.

I'm just gonna save one then eat lunch for now.

Guys. This is a routine food does that have.

Yeah then you can see all the peanut butter in there David mines are you got any same thing it's.

Cool come on me just really already know a little bit no that's court no no no.

Now I'm going to take a bite of my brushes put in a whip cream then boy this baby not go go I'm.



Much time let's make a cake oh my gosh now this be some sour apple yeah take some nice lemon baby good swing summon some um great photo. Okay, and then and then you just put that I made me put the Cinderella. Okay, ready then you put your chalky gotta watch it three two one see that no way guys we do this don't push me do it I'm gonna do it let me take a bite before I hit third guess what put your stuff with it Hey hmm oh my god mm-hmm don't be like it's good oh. All right, if you jump really high with me.

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